Thank you for visiting my site!

Each post you read reflects insights and thoughts crossed my mind as I walk this road called life. Every encounter along the way is a challenge for me to come out as a better person. If in any way you can relate in my stories and posts, please don’t hesitate to hit the comment box and let me know what you are thinking, I really appreciate this.

God bless you!

12 thoughts on “Welcome

    1. thank you imay! we’re missin’ you too..wish us to grant u.s. visa by faith. :D…better yet, we’ll meet in the Phils in the near future..


  1. It is always pleasing to know people like you who regard every life circumstance – may it be a problem, a challenge, a change – as a channel to be a better version of themselves. I hope all is well there in Qatar!

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    1. Thanks Jayson. I appreciate your comments..

      All is well here, mejo mainit nga lang πŸ™‚ san ka sa pinas?


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