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Reasons why I wear mask on public

In the midst of novelCorona virus scare, I noticed lots of people wearing masks in public – be it clothes, surgical, or a high-end N95 mask. It seems to be a bit of an overkill to some. Well, we all have our reasons.

I wear cloth mask for few reasons:

  • To filter air quality. When you’re in public transportation (bus, train, jeep (only in the Phils. 😁), you will sit (mostly stand) next to different people with varying scent (I’m trying to be polite here). Having a cloth mask is equivocal with putting a hanky into your mouth. Discretion plays a key factor, so not to offend the (stinky) person next to me. If they sneeze, then I don’t have to cover my mouth (instead of them doing that, as a rule of ethics). Moreover, it filters strong and at times somewhat strange perfumes and a faint smell of olive oil essence – which I can detect with my uncovered nose.
  • To prevent drying of my lips. Lim balm does little to prevent my lips from drying during winter. Wearing a mask will protect my lips from exposure preventing lip drying in the process.
  • I’m getting paranoid when I’m not wearing those.
  • A comfort zone for an introvert like me. Wearing a mask hides my face, and limits the chance of having a small talk with a stranger. I can even meditate, pray, or catch a nap in the public. Such perks outweighs the discomfort of wearing the mask.