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Life is happier

..when shared With a friend, a spouse perhaps It’s no fun in solitude Which harbors pain, insecurities and frustrations It’s being with someone  You’ll realize that it’s not how (im)perfect you are that matters, But on how you make others happy  Even with just a smile. Besides, it’s cold and dark in the batcave of … Continue reading


I’m trying to find a small still voice of the Lord Through my endless petitions and pleas In the midst of the congregation  In each challenge and burdens In every rise and fall of my emotions Still, a hollow, deafening silence. Little did i knew that it’s not in the situation i am into, which … Continue reading

Care to Share?

Everyone is carrying life story of each own. You may not be aware the burden a person is carrying, stealthed in pretentious smile. It’s worth mentioning the warmth i feel in my heart everytime I have an opportunity to listen to someone’s life. Some people share their life emotionally. They cry, hug you, cling literally … Continue reading


I wish to say that as “funny” as it sounds, there are some point in my life that are inappropriate to laugh with. But somehow, there are circumstances in our lives that seem to be a “big deal” at present but few years from now, when we look back, we just laugh at these… isn’t … Continue reading


I am a man with attitude. People around me describe me as a “funny” person. I smile to everyone. I wave for no reason. I laugh so hard. I run like a freak. I talk too much, fast. One word – crazy. On the other hand, I am a lighthearted person. Curse is tabboo for … Continue reading