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Reasons why I wear mask on public

In the midst of novelCorona virus scare, I noticed lots of people wearing masks in public – be it clothes, surgical, or a high-end N95 mask. It seems to be a bit of an overkill to some. Well, we all have our reasons.

I wear cloth mask for few reasons:

  • To filter air quality. When you’re in public transportation (bus, train, jeep (only in the Phils. 😁), you will sit (mostly stand) next to different people with varying scent (I’m trying to be polite here). Having a cloth mask is equivocal with putting a hanky into your mouth. Discretion plays a key factor, so not to offend the (stinky) person next to me. If they sneeze, then I don’t have to cover my mouth (instead of them doing that, as a rule of ethics). Moreover, it filters strong and at times somewhat strange perfumes and a faint smell of olive oil essence – which I can detect with my uncovered nose.
  • To prevent drying of my lips. Lim balm does little to prevent my lips from drying during winter. Wearing a mask will protect my lips from exposure preventing lip drying in the process.
  • I’m getting paranoid when I’m not wearing those.
  • A comfort zone for an introvert like me. Wearing a mask hides my face, and limits the chance of having a small talk with a stranger. I can even meditate, pray, or catch a nap in the public. Such perks outweighs the discomfort of wearing the mask.
Polaris' Place of Solitude

Newsflash..happy face

The downside of being genuinely happy, and bubbly at some extent, is that you can’t afford to appear as genuinely lonely. I’m getting uncomfy just by thinking to be lonely, then got bored, then uplift myself again.

It’s not hypocricy. I’m not trying to be pretentious about it. Surely, we’ve got bad days, seen better days, a bit bland sometimes. At the end of the day, no one wants to talk how complicated life is. I can’t even figure out where to start. I saw in facebook newsfeed once, an introvert said “Please don’t push to understand me, I can’t even understand myself.” Very well said, i guess.

I may hang on this state for a while, I’ve got company. I can feel I’m not alone on this space. We are many, but we can’t reach to each other – beats the purpose. We respect each other’s privacy, that’s what introverts do. And we’re fine with it.

To the batcave, little fella. We have lot of noise to deal with when the sun rise up tomorrow. For now, enjoy this solitude.