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#0022 – Inside the Mind of My 3 year old Son

Being away from my family robbed me of the opportunity to watch my son on a daily basis. Inspite of this setup, my wife who is my greatest supporter updates me tirelessly. People say and I agree that long-distance relationship is not for everyone. I can even say that God designed a family to be … Continue reading

#0015 – Touch

Dear dad, I’m getting curious of the face. Mom keeps smiling at me. Sometimes I thought I smiled back, If I had, I don’t know. I am fascinated with mom’s face. Such lovely smile; such tired, sleepless eyes; I love to touch it.. and slap in the process 🙂 (sorry, mom I can’t control my … Continue reading

#0014 – Crawling

Dear dad, As you know, I learned how to make ‘dapa.’ As I just can’t get enough, I just learned new skill today. I can crawl! As awkward as it looks like, I crawl by pushing myself head-on – literally. I push my head forward, followed by my hands and feet. Mom will show you … Continue reading


Love is, i can say, Longing to go home, but stay, patiently wating. #haiku

Quality Time

I share with your joy, Seizing each fleeting moment, Right before my eyes. #haiku approach inspired by Sheryl

Hello? Is It Me You’re Looking For?

Someday you will realize that your first overseas call is from your father Delighted to hear your ‘a..e..’ syllables just like no other As you listen to my voice in a language you don’t have a clue what it means This made me feel you are close to me, or in my heart so it seems … Continue reading

The Joy of Parenthood

For my son i long to have, All love out of a father’s heart, is yours.