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Thought Board, Pocket Note

Had it occured to you the thought of regret upon suffering from forgetfulness? What if you wrote it somewhere? Had you only jotted your idea down, or recorded your upcoming due dates?

You’re not alone.

As i was locked out of WordPress (yeah, it’s a big deal for me, don’t ask hehe), I can’t help but ask these kind of questions. One of our WP users Miss N suggested to carry around an actual notebook with me. Nothing beats the physical she said. I’m not a big fan of carrying a notebook in this digital age, but the advantages outweigh the discomforts so I’ve got one ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you heard the Good News? ๐Ÿ™‚

I want to go the extra mile, so I bought a board. That’s progress!

Check this out!

Don’t mind the handwriting, it’s hieroglyphics

Some items are self-explanatory, some are for me to keep. My aim is to be reminded that I still have such supplies and keep track of what’s next.

I appreciate your comments/suggestions guys!

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Coping Up with Daily Demands

I’m an organiser, or perhaps the pressure in our workplace forced me to pick myself up and put my gear in the game. Whichever, I’m arriving in the same state of mind – not being satisfied upon hitting the due dates but feeling paranoid always. As if a monster from the manga/movie Death Note (japanese version, the scary one) is lurking in the shadow, persuading me to lose half of my lifetime in exchange with an ability to see the future (only anime lovers will understand, apologies). Notwithstanding, I gained confidence and grasp of real-time demands which save my skin.

Here comes social life. Colleagues and friends want to hangout with me. I envy them because they seem to have all the time in the world to dine, travel here and abroad, and having some fun away from the workplace. I’d read countless articles discussing tips and tricks on how to spend your day 7-5pm in the office and the rest with your personal life. Most are convincing enough, but I almost got fired when I applied those ๐Ÿ˜‚ Naturally, management is not pleased. At the end of the day, it’s a case-to-case basis. I love my job because I love what I am doing. And being productive is self-fulfilling and pleasing to the eyes of the bosssss (plural, pun intended) at the same time more food for my family way back home which is the main reason I’m serving my life sentence here ๐Ÿคฃ.

Here comes personal life. I am committed to keep in touch with my wife and son in a daily basis. As a seasoned employee, I managed to be professional enough to avoid chatting during office hours. I understand some may argue: “Will it do harm chatting while working?” I don’t know about the nature of your job, but in the office my gear starts at 7am, and by 8am I am accelerating. And chatting will swerve my focus on the road. Recollecting my thoughts will take 5-10mins, long enough to accomplish one of my tasks. For that reason I opted out. Of course there will be few coffee breaks throughout the day, that’s the time I’m engaging in the conversation. I’m chatting with my wife early morning (lunchtime in the Philippines, 5-hr timezone difference), and after office everyday. Chatting with my family is my most sought-after engagement in a day. There, I’m expressing my love to them and feel genuine compassion from my wife and my son. That’s my charging spot. There’s where my life is. I am living an alternate world in parallel with the actual world: family. Some sort of setup in the movie “The Matrix” to visualize it. Before disconnecting, I’m telling my son “ikaw na magpatay,” (you push the end button) then he complies. Lately, when I’m waving my hand as a gesture to goodbye he told me “daddy, ikaw na magpatay” (Dad, you push the end button). He’s smart, must be my wife’s gene ๐Ÿ˜‹ 

How about my me time. I should have, right? Of course! I will not be able to write a post this long (I’m boring you hehe) if I don’t have the time. I have to find time to kneel down and pray, devote and reflect, and if time permits do some exercise. I read books for my mind muscles, do some brisk walking (in the shopping mall mostly), and run for my life everytime dogs in the neighborhood chase me down with an intent to bite whenever i do cardio. I also have a knack on rearranging my room from time to time – an OCD I guess. My roommates casually say “again?” Whenever I shuffle my space. 

Here comes weekend. I’m shying away from work’s demands when it’s my dayoff – it’s called ‘off’ for that very reason. However, submission to clients on the next working day hampers the idea. Thankfully, I can claim overtime pay for that – thank You Lord.

Am I balancing my time? Well, almost. When all the planning and efforts fail and eventually will, it’s an art of dodging the bullet and trusting your guts when your neck is in the line. That’s why there’s Plan B.. to Plan Z if necessary. I usually settle on Plan D because before I can think of Plan E, I need to act. This is how it works: 

Plan A: ideal, low risk, compliant with standards

Plan B: alternative, minimal risk, deviating slightly with the usual practice

Plan C: worse-case scenario, medium risk, still legal ๐Ÿ˜‚

Plan D: worst-case scenario, high risk, who cares? Shoot now, ask later ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Plan E: i’m out of the picture, jobless by then ๐Ÿคฃ

Thank you for taking time to read, I’m grateful. 

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God Factor

We live our life guided by various principles as we prefer, reflecting our behaviours and molding our personalities. Our belief plays a vital role on how we see our life and determine our perspective on how good or cruel the world is, whichever viewpoint we want.

It’s not easy to introduce God’s influence in someone’s life. God created us as leaders, and that leadership mentality resists the idea of having someone in authority to rule over him. However, God put in man’s heart a desire to worship, to acknowledge the one supreme being which we casually address as God. Majority of the people believe in God, even the devils do (with trembling)! But how many people acknowledge God in each and every area of their lives? I mean, including Him in their decisions regardless of how major or minute it is?  I call it “God factor.”

When you don’t recognize a God factor, you tend to fall in a series of trial and error. You follow your guts, you scream over situations you are in, your action depends on the circumstances around you. Somehow we tend to accept that as fate, come what may.

Here comes the faith. An assurance that you’re not alone, the realization that there’s a God that guides you especially against forces beyond our control (i.e. sickness, your boss’ decision, moment of grief). You may not have instant solution on hand, but God can assure to have you factors enabling you to endure – strength, feeling of being secured, self-esteem, feeling of being loved, to name a few. The mere assurance that you’re not alone on this is a huge relief!

We’re dealing with our own battle(s) each day, and believe me on this: I may endure all hardships without  a “God Factor” but my character is being developed and my faith is being deepened thru day-by-day experience with God involved. I will not belittle God in my life, I’ll exalt Him so that in my weakness, His greatness will be made known.

If God is with us, who can be against us?

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A Prayer

I just want to thank God for everyday. Heโ€™d given me much than I deserved. These unmerited favors follow me everywhere! Truly, I am His special child. I live, laugh, fight, lose, wonโ€ฆ ย โ€“ in all of these, God never left me. If only I knew it from the very start, I should have gone far! But everything thatโ€™s happening have a purpose. Iโ€™m not who I am today without Him. Itโ€™s through Him and because of Him that I can stand and fight and conquer new fear each day. Be as it may, that I will learn new lessons along the way, and unlearn habits and wrongdoings that hinder me from running this race of faith.

Thank You Lord for this new day. And as I reach out for more of You in my life, may I bless people around me to take their ground. And to those yet to walk in righteousness, may they trust their lives to You. May we seek comfort in Your warm embrace and shelter under Your wings. I entrusted You this day onwards. Have Your way, in Jesusโ€™ name, amen.