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The Joy of my Salvation

Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me. Psalm 51:12

I encounter this verse thru various circumstances in my life. Whenever I feel down, this joy lift me up. Whenever I feel blessed, this testifywith my happiness. Whenever I’m in doubt, this assures me. Whenever I feel that life is unfair, this vindicates me. Truly, such joy sustain me.

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Social Media Cleansing

Interactions on social media network is fun, quick, and efficient. However, stress arises due to massive crowd reading and replying with out posts/comments. I’m not a public figure but I can feel them. Many times I find myself in a scenario wherein I have to explain myself to be understood while taking a stand to be corrected. It’s a pity, and unnecessary.

Yesterday I deactivated my facebook account. I left my facebook messenger active so I can still reachable by those that matters 😁

It’s not an issue of productivity, I have complete control of my time. I just don’t feel the thrill that once brought by social media network.

I still utilize chat apps, I can’t afford to unplug yet 🙂

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Quality Time with my Family

Carpe diem, so to speak.

Here’s my long-awaited annual leave. Praise God for this journey. I can argue along the way and rant every now and then. Nottwithstanding, I’m growing in His lovingkindness and my character is being crafted to reflect the beauty of His holiness – am far from that at my present state but I’m getting there 🙂

It’s time to enjoy each day with my loving wife and cute little boy. God, in His kindness, allowed me to once again experience the joy of being together with my beautiful wife that captures my heart in admiration over and over again. And to my son who got my eyes, i’ll enjoy playing with you each moment of everyday – making up in the year-long separation.

There are cloudy days, i’d seen better days. These days ahead must be fun!

Thanks for sharing with my happiness.

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Only Introvert Can Understand

I prefer isolation. I wake up each day wanting more minute, not because I beg for more sleep, but because I don’t want to face the world. I’m not ready yet. 

All I want after a dayjob is to sit in silence, in the dark… alone.

But I wasn’t built for that.

I can lead a team, I can collaborate, I’m a master negotiator. You will never spot a hint of introvertness in me, ever. Ironic as it is, I’m possessing a particular skillset only introvert like me can relate. I can hide. I can blend. That’s what we do. We’re practicing that, every single day. It’s like learning a musical instrument: first you play by the rule, then you play with your heart. 

As an old saying goes: “no man is an island.” We need each other, one way or another. I can understand that, no dispute. But I’m more comfortable living in seclusion. Invite me for a drink, I will respectfully decline. Ask me for a meal, I’m all in 🙂 

Had you spotted my mask? See, I just threw you a part of me I can move around. I’m not comfortable socializing, but I recognize it’s essence. So I sit and dine with you not because I like to, but because I love to be closed to you. I want to build a relationship. I am not comfortable yes, but I am flexible. Not to mention, I don’t want to be labelled as anti-social. But please, don’t pry. Respect my privacy. I’m paranoid, can’t help it.

I’m an introvert, but I can be your most trusted person. I can keep secret, that’s what we do. After all I stood the test of time. 

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I desire to love God deeply

When everything are lost in the shadow

No drama, no superficial ceremony

Just worship, the rest will follow.
In this world full of popular opinions

Let’s go back to the Word, focus on vision

Sinplicity of the gospel is: Jesus died for you and me

No sugarcoat, no politics, just a message that from sin you’re free!

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“1st” Bonding

Allow me to share first experiences we had during my vacation leave.

First bukid experience. This is his first time playing in the field
 My first escalator experience with him. He loves playing with it.


Carousel, Aldaen’s way
First time playing basketball










First poses together (models wannabe)

Trolley 🙂

First Marine Experience


Touching a manta ray, while screaming with thrill!
Our meal stub. Just having fun!


First Christmas and New Year

Only now I realized that this is our first Christmas together.


Because he’s frightened by fireworks…go team yellow!

Thank you for sharing with my happiness.

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Heart to Heart Talk

Experiencing God’s awesome presence in the midst of worship service is a sweet moment to seize. There are times when it’s so intense that I’m shaking involuntarily – with goosebumps all over my body. Sometimes it’s so quiet that i can’t even feel the holy spirit’s movement. Whichever the case may be, I go to worship God making sure to serve that purpose before i go home. 

Today, the  flow is so tangient that I can almost feel God’s presence immersing into my being. This is the moment when everything fade in the background. Nothing matters but to please the Maker – in the beauty of His holiness. 

I keep on reminding myself that whatever the status of my heart, i have to be ready for God’s encounter. Sometimes stress and burdens tend to drive my emotions weary. But when I approach the Throne, i knew that I should lay down everything. Because the bottom line is that it’s all about Jesus… It’s not about me or any issues I might have. This realization kept my eyes focused. I admit there are times that there are persistent thoughts that distract me in the midst of worship, and I have to be quick enough to dismiss these before these occupy my thinking. 

I choose to come in His presence not to heal my weary heart. My sole purpose is to worship Him. As I enjoy in fellowship with my Maker, my heart is being healed, my soul is being revived, my emotions are being realigned.. No one approached God and went home empty-handed.

It’s really an honor to be in His presence.

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I remember this poem i’d recited during my high school year.


Edwin Tavaro

Shall I follow the stream? 
Or cross the sea, 
Strive for a dream 
Or let life be? 
Shall it be neon lights 
That spell success, 
Or flickering lamplight 
For happiness? 
Follow the thunder? 
Follow the storm? 
Follow the whisper 
That breeze and leaves form? 
Follow my heartbeat? 
Follow my head? 
What shall each bring me? 
Where shall each leads?

Little did I realized how this poem etched into my memory. It’s never easy to be in this situation.

It’s all messed up if I’m dealing with this all by myself. I’ve got God working on it. 

Prayerful for His plans to unfold right before my very eyes.

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I’m having a great day today

And i want to keep it that way

Way to go!



Indeed, I had a great day! Have you ever felt a dilemma of unpleasant situation (i.e. stress, trials, tribulations of many kind hehe..) that’s destined to ruin your so-called ‘happy day’? You know, balance, yin-yang. You’re happy now to be sad later. You’re rich now to beg later. Well, we can’t help but agree with this notion sometimes because IT’s really happening (on me to say at least).

At times I’m in denial trying to prove that NO ONE  can ruin my day. However, we have emotions, and when emotion is on the line we’re helpless. As I mature, I learned that whether we hold on to our emotions or gave in with the pressure, at the end of the day we stand our ground. Your action defines your current state, your succeeding actions form a pattern, and it shapes our behavior. This pattern confirms people’s impression on us. We have to be careful. If you can’t be nice at all times at least be unpredictable *wink

This is my subjective opinion, I stand to be corrected. Nevertheless, I had a great day.

Peace yow! 🙂