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Sensei’s Visit

Training/seminars are essential to equip us as a team in line with our corporate’s vision. We excel individually, no doubt about it. How much more if we advance in sync? Possibilites are limitless!

Two of our colleagues from Dubai and Abu Dhabi visited us to update our brains with corporate’s CRM tool. They’re very kind and hands-on with every trainee. I learned a lot and am more confident to utilize the system now – thanks to knowledge imparted by our coaches. Kudos!

Business development team in action!

Training proper: a time for me to pretend that i knew something by asking back whenever i’m being asked haha. 

Sensei: So Albert, can you show me [something..something]?

Me: which? wearing awkward smile in midst of phone convo
I’m that silly boy in the far left
Spot the difference 🙂 not much, just the powerpoint presentation. Let’s ‘brand’ our business!
Isn’t she gorgeous? That’s an understatement. She’s stunningly beautiful inside out.
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A good day to visit

Beneath a cloudy horizon spreads a gulf mena. Once was a scorched desert turned to be a melting pot of oil so rich that it paved way for this region’s development. Dubai, here i come – again.

It’s not so (annoyingly) hot on this season. With 23°c, feels like a tropical country i came from: the Philippines. Equipped with a phone with gps app designed for idiot like me, i confidently grabbed a taxi. Destination: Main office. I’m confident i will get lost somehow.

Now here’s where I’m good at – predicting my misery. I got lost, unsurprisingly, and started to bug our beloved Ms Melody who is exceptionally beautiful and patient to assist me. To cut the story short (and my ordeal), i finally reached our office in time – with an hour allowance for travel time :).

I was received with warm welcome (red carpet with press conference and everything – just kidding). Our team are so polite and eager to hear latest development in Qatar. After catching up with our team, I grabbed a taxi with unwavering confidence that I will be stucked somewhere in the desert. Destination: Abu Dhabi.

The moment I sit on the passenger’s seat, the driver started complaining that he waited for half an hour, that it’s his shift. I’m not a newbie on such excuses and to humor myself, I dropped a bomb: “abu dhabi,my friend.” Believe me, his eyes widened in disbelief and he let go a sigh so deep that i feel sorry for him. Wrong place, wrong time. So we collaborate on how to resolve the situation. Apparently, he’s not making up excuses. We agreed that i will be handed over with his partner (shift) to drive me to Abu Dhabi.

Upon reaching Abu Dhabi, my gorgeous friend (former colleague) Ems chatted me. I’m looking forward meeting this lovely lady. I am about to reply, then my load ran out. It happens to an idiot like me, which I refer to as murphy’s law as an scapegoat :). So i deviated from my route bound to hotel, to Dallma Mall where we will supposed to meet – which she still don’t know because I haven’t sent my reply yet. Poor me. I sought assistance with a saleslady to help me recharge my account. It turned out that i need to input my number (you guessed right, i have no idea what my number is), so i opted out for a voucher. I was instructed to climb on the first floor. I finally able to load, i am awesome!

Being able to contact Ems, I was thrilled to be informed that Imee will join us. Am so excited.

Imee is a food guru. We feasted on juicy salted chicken sprinkled with citrus, matched with ensalada-like fried eggplant as a side dish. The bread is freshly baked. Everything is perfect, minus the rude waiter that Imee has a grudge with (peace, Imee!).

See our snapshots below:

Me, Ems, and Imee
The “enselada” I am referring to.
Crunchy cookies
Hot bread
The famous salty roasted (then flattened) chicken
Ems, Imee, and me

































We talked a lot. From work-related to personal life. Joining these intelligent and cheerful beauties left me with my jaw wide open (okay, it’s a bit exagerrated – the jaw thing). It’s a no-nonsense conversation, that I haven’t experience for a long time, that I will treasure. I’ll look forward on future opportunities on sitting with you two – and I will pay this time (that’s a promise).

Arriving on hotel, I tried to show off by paying upfront. I’ll pay it anyway upon checking out. And guess what, I was upgraded to VIP! Talking about God’s tender love.

So here are the perks: a basket of fruits, a wardrobe, slipper and a pouch of toothpaste&toothbrush. I was also offered VIP access to gym and pool. I’m satisfied, but have to request for flat iron. I had a pleasant stay.

Waiting on hotel’s lobby took longer than expected. Perhaps due to traffic congestion. I waited until 8:30am, and started to get worried. Calling our office in abu dhabi, i was informed that the driver arrived and somehow cannot find me. I don’t know how many reception the hotel has, but we missed to see each other somehow. Being smart as I am, i waved for taxi (again). This time I did it first time. Feat!

So the training went well. I am now equipped for slavery 🙂

Before coming back to Doha, I decided to visit our colleague. I met our geophysics guys with Mr. Satar (the Living Legend). Then I headed to Imee. It’s really nice to pay a visit. You know the feeling of being special, receiving a warm welcome.

Then I move to next building. I first met this lovely lady: Jacqueline. Finally, i met her, who i usually communicate thru email exchange. Decided to see some more, I headed upstairs to meet the rest of FSME force. Here comes Imelda. She’s oozing with personality. She extended a  courtesy of touring me around. You’ll never believe when I come across with commercial team. No shortage of excitement and joyful acquaintance. I feel blessed upon meeting ruby and yasmine. They’re so cool and (strangely) happy to see me.

Then there’s praveen, ebtisam (i call him sam, for short), youssef, and oh this young indonesian guy maybe.

All in all, I have a great two days holiday. I am looking forward on meeting them once again.

God is so good that He allowed me to meet such individuals. We may not see each other often, and acquaintance is no more deeper than good friends, I’m grateful for the opportunity. This makes me reflect on how God thru the years surround me with beautiful people that I may never have an opportunity to meet but lately. Surely, if I will be in need, they’ll be my friends indeed. I’ll do the same likewise.

Tomorrow is another day in the office, yet will be meaningful to other people we might cross with. I admit, Ms.Yasmine reached for my assistance once. I am about to go home that late afternoon feeling tired and extremely stressed. Instead of grumbling, i took a deep breath and get back to work. Assisting her is the task I am doing routinely. So I forgot about it. When I visited her, she is very happy. What if I grumbled? The feeling will surely be reversed.

Maximus (Russell Crowe, from the movie “Gladiator”) once said “Whatever you do today, echoes in eternity.”

It is okay to do everything diligently. As for me, I’m doing it for the glory of God.

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A Short Visit on Our Main Office in Dubai

An opportunity to visit our main office surfaced when I’ve been invited by one of my boss to attend a trainig relevant to our department.

Arriving late in hotel makes me want to doze off to deep sleep. Gloomy ambience and comfy bed invited me to enter in a new portal – a so-called dreamland 🙂

I woke up the next day feeling refreshed, ready to face the world once again.

Our company driver Mirshad (if i recall correctly) picked us up.

I shared a ride with two big bosses 🙂 en route to our office location. Their topic is way above my desk. I can just nod and laugh with them. Occassionally I comment, just to keep them into thinking that I’m a part of the conversation haha. 

Training is rescheduled at 11am. Many lessons will be covered and I’m keen to absorb all information and apply it to Qatar’s commercial dept. I thank God for this opportunity not just to be trained but also to meet fresh faces, new people..these colleagues that I communicate thru email. 🙂

Joevet is beautiful always. She extended a courtesy of touring me around the building. Manu thanks, my dear.

I finally got a chance of meeting the entire commercial team. It’s fulfilling actually.

Melody is gorgeous and lovely. She’s easy to be with, due to the fact that we’re conversing regularly thru phone i guess. It’s a pleasure meeting her.

Then there’s beautiful Rosalie. I somehow missed her, just seeing her brought back the last time she went to our office – way back 2014 if I’m not mistaken. I also met sir Ferdinand, he’s polite as well,wearing a warm smile. Oh, I forget  the name of the other lovely lady 🙂

Ma’am Bhavna is very approachable. Very professional and courteous. I really love to spend time with her. I knew at first glance that I can learn a lot from her. 

Meeting madam Fleur and madam Annene brought me back to my comfort zone. I somehow had established working relationship with them that we all happy to see each other 🙂 I knew I’m telling the truth haha 

I can go on list of incredible people I personally met, but I have to cut from here. 🙂 Over all, it’s a polite, professional working environment. Thanks for warm welcome.

I’m looking forward having snapshot photo with them. It’s an experience worth traveling. 

*Update: i managed to have few snapshots with some of my colleagues. See photos below.

L-R: Ben, Melody, Me (no gel hehe), Joevet

Melody, Me, Joevet

With Brian

I can personally say that this is the missing piece of the puzzle. I requested God to give me something – a drive, something to put my passion with. Previous frustrations and bumps brought me down on my knees *emo* I’m glad that God in His mercy worked in my heart to realign my perception. I am eager to advance my career, and I gained confidence by meeting these colleagues in our  office. I can’t wait to collaborate with them, to put more efforts to finish tasks together. I’m in 🙂

As for the rollout, surely it’s not a cakewalk. We will struggle at first, but I know that the  end value is worth our precious investments.

I opt out on detailing about the training, for confidentiality.


Dinner is hosted by my boss. Let the photos below do the talkin’ 🙂

With Joevet

With the gang 🙂

It’s worth sharing that in the midst of our dinner, an elderly woman approached Joevet, hold her arms and lovingly whispered to her *paraphrased*:

As a woman of 80’s, I congratulate you for raising up the flag of women. Thank you for standing out!

 Before Joevet can respond, she sweetly smiled and casually walked away. It took us few seconds to react. The reason why she said that is because Joevet is the only woman in the table full of gentlemen. Kudos for you, Joevet! 

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!