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Eggs Explode in Microwave Oven

So I have one colleague who brought back here in Qatar a dozen of balut, an aborted duck embryo – a pinoy delicacy. Yum!

I heated one in a cup of hot water. I’m in for a treat!

Picking up another egg, I decided to heat it in an oven. I want a hot egg, not a warm one. So i removed the balut in its shell, put it into a microwave-friendly tupperware, and slid into the oven – setting the clock into 30seconds. After the timer, a loud bang exploded as I pressed open the oven! It’s so loud that I startled and my heartbeat spiked within a split second. Then the balut shattered into pieces – the largest one is the size of a patani.

So I did some cleaning of oven. Contemplating about it, I hypothesized that because I put the lid closed might’ve caused the explosion. After cleaning the aftermath, I decided to search the internet about it. To my surprise, I’m not the only one 😊 Numerous cases of egg explosion was recorded due to heat buildup of protein on egg yoke. That’s making sense now.

I still grieve over the second balut.