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Being Locked Out of WordPress…

So i really missed blogging my thoughts out! Finally, am able to log in! …backstory… Recently I lost my phone as one crooked snatched it away from my wife’s bag. Snatchers are everywhere and we’re not as safe as we casually assume. You’ve been warned. šŸ™‚ Few minutes after losing my phone, i went into … Continue reading

Opera VPN: Because Privacy Matters

I don’t know about you, but I take my privacy seriously. Living in the Middle East subjected my online access into censorship. I don’t mind the government blocking various websites, makes sense to me. My paranoia is, the government must have its way of reviewing my weblog. It’s like in Will Smith’s “Enemy of the … Continue reading

Instapaper Premium is free – finally!

Ever want to grab an article in a website without a hassle of copy-paste ordeal? Want to save (not bookmark)  a recipe perhaps, latest news, or touching poems for offline reading later? Then Instapaper is for you. I’m using the traditional evernote add-on and onenote clipper to capture an article from my browser. I’m using … Continue reading

Reliving the Ubuntu Experience

I just love the concept of Ubuntu – “unity.” If I’ll be an active advocate, I will drag on the street an open-source software. For obvious reason – it’s free šŸ™‚ I’ve been using Ubuntu for quite a long time now. For a power user like me who get easily annoyed by Window’s occassional lag … Continue reading

Windows 10 – Stuck On You

Microsoft encouraged me to upgrade my current Operating System (8.1) into Windows 10 for free. It’s uncommonĀ freebie, especially Microsoft.Ā Jumping on the hype, I understand that it’s their marketing strategy so why not? This upgrade have 3 stages namely: Copying Files; Installing Features and Drivers; and Configuring Settings. TheĀ first two stages ran like a breeze, no … Continue reading