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Toys I’d Grown Up With

Super Trump

trump2I learned playing this card with my siblings. They’re older than me so I just sit with them and wait for any of my elder sisters to shout “Super Trump!” and then I fold my card. You will hear various key words like ‘cylinder’ ‘km/hr’ ‘hp’ ‘cc’. This is a very educational card game.


2wmlxygDuring my childhood days, I can obtain this card by cutting my daily allowance into half. If my mother give me 2pesos, I will set aside 1 peso, and in two (working) days I can buy one pack of teks – approximately 50pcs. per movie – btw, teks are indexed numerically from opening scene in the movie until the end. In today’s standard, it’s an SPOILER, no more, no less. This teks can be traded in numerous games ranging from ‘pitik-bulag’ to ‘touching’ and ‘tao-ibon’. I can tell that I am a reader because I usually read each teks and internalizing it in my memory before I start playing with it. My playmates casually open the package and start gambling with it. Nice trivia!


tamiya-new-balance-574-3I wonder if you guys owned one of these racing ‘matchbox’ back on the days. I love this toy! When you joined the race with other tamiya lovers, you’ll be the ‘talk of the town!’

I like R/C cars, but Tamiya cars excel in its own ways.

NBA Cards

hardwoodleaders01I was in high school when i rode this playing cards’ hype. It’s actually more on showing off your NBA cards collection to your buddies. They also have these and you both are trading off with each other’s cards. During trading, you have to check for the ‘damages’ in each edge and whether there’s fold or hint of wrinkle in the card. The idea is actually helpful in introducing young generation in the business world. Sadly, in my collection, no NBA card survived the test of time.

(Rainbow) Magic Springs

517blZAhZTL._SY355_When I owned this toy, my first thought in mind is to look for stair – the higher the better. Why? because stairs are where this toy works best. You just have to push the upper part of the spring and let gravity do the magic! Alternatively, you can hold both ends in your hands and alternately holding one of your hands above from the other but it’s boring 🙂

Brick Game

39521_20101015155911Who can forget this? It’s a primitive version of Tetris in facebook. I remember how excited I am when I owned this. Looking back, it’s amazing how this black-and-white screen can amuse me.

Connect Four

connect-4There are toys that you have no idea what the name is. Connect Four is among these toys, because I have no idea about it’s name, or I don’t care what the name is. I just love this toy!


81y4Ogmd02L._SX522_I remember I purchased one of these from my rich classmate for 5pesos only, equivalent to two 12oz Coca-Cola softdrink. As my Indian friend says: “See? Clever!” This toy is still existing in the market, as growing up kids are fond of it. I even bought my son one of these!

Holen (Marbles)

holenThe funny thing about this toy, it can be a single-player and multi-player mode. In single player, you can roll the marble everywhere ranging from bilao-go-round to bowling balls. In multi-player mode, all you have to do is to draw a square on the ground and put  yours and your opponent’s marbles inside it and hit as much marbles as you can! When you’re out of luck you will ended up losing your marbles. Another game is digging up holes on the ground by pounding a piece of rock and you will try to roll your marble ala golf. If you hear the term “bombet,” that’s the time somebody’s cheating with stroke in playing with marble. The sad part is, the loser will suffer a painful fillip <pitik.. take note, ginoogle ko pa english nian> using a winner’s marble. Ouch!

Pick-up Sticks

pick-up-sticksIt’s a game of precision. You will gather all the sticks and position it standing in the surface with your grip holding each stick. Then you let go the grip and allow each stick to scatter on the surface. The rule is getting as much stick as possible without causing a slight movement on the piling sticks. Your opponent is watching your every move carefully so there’s no way you can cheat. I have something in my sleeve though, hehe… When i let go of the grip, I will apply a gentle push ang presto! lots of sticks are scattered away from each other. Wisdom.

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i’m used in writing my thoughts and reflections in english i mature (in age and in mindset) i came to realize that it’s important to reach people who are comfortable in reading tagalog blogs…of course, it doesn’t mean that my blogs will literally be translated in english..i will just add one category perhaps for tagalog entries.
btw, i miss wp and the rest of you pal! i miss blogging!
God bless!

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Katuwaan Lang..

Leave ur answers at the comment box after reading this….
Birthmonth mo

• January —- Naligo ako
• February — Lumipad ako
• March —— Nanipa ako
• April —— Tumambling ako
• May ——– Tumalon ako
• June ——- Gumapang ako
• July ——- Tumakbo ako
• August —– Naglakad ako
• September — Nag drive ako
• October —- Kumain ako
• November — Tumayo ako
• December — Sumigaw ako

Anung day(number) ka pinanganak:

• 1 — sa malaking bangin
• 2 — sa mahabang daan
• 3 — sa makitid na iskinita
• 4 — sa isang aso
• 5 — sa isang paniki
• 6 — sa psp ko
• 7 — sa lata ng pineapple juice
• 8 — sa bench
• 9 — sa pader
• 10 — sa bisikleta
• 11 — sa kotse
• 12 — sa baso
• 13 — sa apoy
• 14 — sa bestfriend ko
• 15 — sa ibabaw ng kapatid ko
• 16 — sa swimming pool
• 17 — sa garden
• 18 — sa factory ng lata
• 19 — sa PBB house
• 20 — sa harap ng computer
• 21 — sa ilalim ng lamesa
• 22 — sa keyboard ko
• 23 — sa headset ko
• 24 — sa pantalon ko
• 25 — sa nanay ko
• 26 — sa manok ng kapitbahay
• 27 — sa banyo ng crush ko
• 28 — sa principals office
• 29 — sa harap ng TV
• 30 — sa malaking poste
• 31 — sa maliit na butas

Huling number ng taon na pinanganak ka:

• 1 — at sumayaw ng teach me how to dougie
• 2 — at tumihaya sabay sigaw ng darna
• 3 — at gumiling parang sa tugs tugs tugs
• 4 — at nagpaikot ikot
• 5 — at kumain ng sardinas
• 6 — at tinawagan si Bloodthirst sabay sabing bading ka
• 7 — at nag barell roll
• 8 — at hinalikan ang aking sarili
• 9 — at nag planking sabay owling
• 0 — at natulog ng mahimbing

Kulay ng suot mo ngayon:

• White —- dahil ako BUDOY!
• Black —- dahil malaki ang aking ulo!
• Pink —– dahil makunat ako!
• Red —— dahil ako si batman!
• Blue —– dahil magaling ako mag dougie!
• Green —- dahil crush ko si justin bieber!
• Purple — dahil bakla ako!
• Gray —– dahil may anak ako sa kapitbahay kong ungoy!
• Yellow — dahil isa akong barako!
• Orange — dahil wala akong magawa!
• Brown —- dahil magaling ako mangbasag

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Mind Illustrated…

to and fro, so it goes
as clock ticks, with distinct noise
on this sleepless night, i’m missin’ you most
’tis this restless mind, i can’t stop or pause
now i’m beginning to wander again…

before i knew it, i’m being carried away
away from this realm, into higher heights,
before i can find a word to say,
everything’s been washed away…nowhere in sight.

oh, shallow mind, here you go again..

Cold…with spirit…


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mga napulot na jokes sa fb stats. :)


Ang mag ina
nanay:anak halika n at mgumpisa n tayo mgaral
anak:cge po inay
nanay:ok umpishan ntin s math ha?
anak:opo inay
nanay:gnito ha binigyan k nt tita mu ng 2ng mansanas at 2ng saging
anu ang sgot?
anak:salamat po tita.ahahahaha….


Bata: tAtanG, pwde po mgtanong?
TataNg: ano un ineng?
B: saan po papunta itong daan na to?
T: alam mo ineng, mtagal n q dito pero hnd ku pa nktang umalis yang daan na yan..


Bata: Lolo, iniinom po ba ang tubig dito?

Lolo: nasasaiyo yan amang, kung ngunguyain mo.


Ibang Lahi: is that an apple you are eating ?
Filipino: Yes.
Ibang Lahi : you know, in my country only poor people eat an apple.
Filipino: oh really? is that a banana you are eating ?
Ibang Lahi: yes.
Filipino : you know, here in Philippines only Monkeys eat bananas 😀
Nanay: naku! Anak! Lumabas ka dyan sa kwarto! Nasusunog ang bahay natin!johannah: waaaah! Nay,! sandali lang! Ipopost ko lang sa FB!Nanay: bilisan mo! At buksan mo na din account ko.. share mo!!
–hahahahah, adik s fb ung mag ina…..hahaha


Biglang kumidlat,Anong ggwin mo?
GENIUS:Takip tenga,Kukulog ee!
PLAYBOY:yakap shota.score e!
ASTIG:Wala.Matapang ee!
BOBO:Ngingite.:D…………Pi​cture taking eh!


isang araw naka pulot sila ng lampara…
kinaskas nila ang lampara at nabigyan sila ng tatlong kahilignan…..
boy1:sa na po maka balik na ko sa pamilya ko
(naka balik nah)
boy2:sana po makabalik na ko sa pamilya ko….(naka balik na rin)
boy3:ahhhmmm……ano kayang magandang hilingin na bobore na ako d2 ehh….ahhh alam ko naH!!!!
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Corny pinoy action movies quotes..

ba’t wala na akong magawa kundi maghanap ng mali ng pinoy movies sa halip na tangkilikin ito? actually tinatangkilik ko naman, natatawa lang ako talaga minsan. Below are some of these:

  • “The Alfredo Lim Story”

Reporter: Mga kaibigan, dumating na po ang SWAT team! Special Weapons Action Team! (ehehehe…)

  • Mark Lapid’s saging:

“Oo, inaamin ko, saging lang kami. Pero maghanap ka ng puno sa bungang Pilipinas, saging lang ang may puso! Saging lang ang may puso!”

nauubusan ako..nakakalimutan ko na ung iba..update ko na lang from time to time.. 🙂

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prawny so free no more…

a young voyager swims so free as he follows the light above him. he joins the rest of the school as they excitedly racing with each other. then suddenly they were pushed by the current. before he knew it, he’d been trapped in the net of a fisherman.

yan ang alamat ng “oishi” shrimp crackers. 🙂

– albert2jc – 30th march 2011

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Hayskul Trobols..

Masaya ang pagdaan sa high school days. Dito ko natutunan ang iba’t-ibang klase ng kalokohan, biro, mga experiences na kakaiba, at mga lessons na hindi mo matututunan sa loob ng klase. Narito ang ilan sa mga high school troubles ko. Check it out, baka maka-relate kayo.

Hayskul trobol No. 1: Naglagay ng buto ng mahogany sa lunchbox ni flomel..punishment: pinaglinis ng c.r. ng science bldg. Ma’am Reyes,hustisya po!

Hayskul trobol no.2: Walang dalang bible, e values educ. Tumakbo ng 2 ikot s quadrangle ng MNHS.. ma’am francisco, sori na po..

Hayskul trobol no.3: Nagsiga ng kalat sa tabi ng c.r. Muntik na masunog ang c.r. nagalit si ma’am lingad. II-orchids pa kmi dat tym.

Hayskul Trobol no.4: Nakadiskubre ng mamihan sa gilid ng pader sa MNHS habang naeengganyong mag-escape..mula nun tambayan na..hehe.

Hayskul trobol no.5: Nahuling nagbu2tas ng parol na nakasabit sa violago bldg. Kasarap kc pakinggan ang putok ng japanese paper na bilad sa araw..ayun,pinapalitan ni sir espinosa ang mga damaged parol(s)

Hayskul trobol no.6: Nagkakalat ng pinagkainan ng talisay sa likod ng english faculty room,at paglalaro ng habulan sa bench ng english dept. Sir santos yata ung nagalit,sinita kmi,tinuro namin si balbiran, e nagre-review lng ung tao..pinagalitan sya..pasensya na ha.

Hayskul Trobol no. 7: Kinaibigan si pope,ang magaling manggaya ng pirma ng teachers namin.. Sa kanya kami nagpapapirma ng lectures sa florante at laura..

Hayskul trobol no.8: Napa-away ang kabarkada naming si Jeffrey sa halos tapat ng bahay ng bestfriend kong si Don. Ayun, nakaantabay kami. Nagpambuno sila. Naalala pa siguro nila ang mga sinira nilang bakod. Ang ugat ng away? Ako.hehe. Kinukursunada ako eh. Payat pa ako that time. E tropa ko si Jeffrey. Ayun, nag-away sila..hehe. Pero hindi ako bullied ha. Nerdy pa ako kasi that time.

Hayskul trobol no.9: Naibulsa ang itlog na gagamitin sa chem.experiment. Nakipaghabulan. Nauntog sa pinto,nabasag ang itlog sa bulsa. Malansang umuwi ng bahay,dyahe sa ford,fr. munoz to sanjose.

Hayskul trobol no. 10: Nag-ihaw ng tanim naming sweetcorn. Nasilaban pati ang tanim. Hehe, guidance kami.

Hayskul trobol no.11: Taguan sa palengke ng munoz. Nung taya isang barkada,umuwi kmi ng bahay. Galit na galit sa amin kinabukasan. Hehe.

Hayskul trobol no: 12: Nameke ng medical cert. para maging medical. Dr. Medina yata yun,pinalabas na may asthma. Rejectd ni mam antipuesto. Sbi pa ni sir galvan,inutil daw medical. Kinabukasan naging MP kmi.hehe.

-albert2jc – 04/09/10

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Pelikulang 100% Tatak-Pinoy

Mahilig akong manood ng pinoy movies kahit nuon pang bata ako. Ni-r-recall ko mga eksena sa movies na bukod-tangi sa pinoy movies mo lang makikita. Wag sana ikagalit at sabihing pintasero ako. Natutuwa lang ako sa creativity at pagiging unique ng mga pinoy directors at mga artista. Ilan sa mga obserbasyon ko ay nakasaad. Magdadagdag ako once in a while. Magdagdag din kayo. P.S. Kung magtatanong kayo kung ano ang goal ko sa pagsulat nito, obviously, wala. Gusto ko lang.

  • Kapag lulusob ang bida sa hideout ng kalaban, at may dalawang goons na nagbabantay, sasabihin ng isa: “Pare, iihi muna ako ha!” Pagkaalis niya, tsaka tatalon ng bakod ang bida, para fair hano?
  • Ang mga zombies ay nakataas ang kamay kapag nananakot, este, humahabol sa mga bida.
  • Nagiging kahoy (usually bark ng saging) ang mga aswang pag napatay, at kadalasan, punyal ang pinampapatay para masabing nakabaon.
  • Sibat lang ang pamatay sa manananggal.
  • Bakit laging masungit ang mga second wife? Defensive?
  • Matagal mag-reload ang bida. Minsan nga hindi nag-r-reload (Leon Guerrero)
  • Kahit gaano karami ng mga bala ang umuulan, ay nakukuha pang mag-usap ng mga bida at kontrabida.
  • Nakakabunot pa ng baril ang bida kahit nakatutok na ang kalaban. At nauunahan pa niyang pumutok.
  • Bihira ang pagdating ng pulis on-time.
  • Laging may sayaw ang mga comedy movies sa bandang huli, at minsan kahit kalagitnaan, mag-p-piknik, taz magsasayawan. Madalas sa beach o kaya sa Tagaytay.

~albert.August 28, 2010