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Deprived, suppressed, exhausted, wasted Clinging for ounce of strength being mustered With this journey I’d lovingly invested Don’t pull me away, I’m just getting started. My heart is out of shape and I’m out of place Frustratingly beating myself, advancing my phase Strategize, prepare, attack, withdraw, back to board game… the battle is intensed I … Continue reading

Midnight Thoughts

i can only wish to be in your arms not to part ways again i can only wish..   what i can do for now is close my eyes and be lost in a pointless dream to be awaken – one less day to wait i’ll be home soon.   or i can stay awake, … Continue reading

Life is happier

..when shared With a friend, a spouse perhaps It’s no fun in solitude Which harbors pain, insecurities and frustrations It’s being with someone  You’ll realize that it’s not how (im)perfect you are that matters, But on how you make others happy  Even with just a smile. Besides, it’s cold and dark in the batcave of … Continue reading


I’m trying to find a small still voice of the Lord Through my endless petitions and pleas In the midst of the congregation  In each challenge and burdens In every rise and fall of my emotions Still, a hollow, deafening silence. Little did i knew that it’s not in the situation i am into, which … Continue reading


A spark is all i need to ignite a flame within my heart reconnects with long-lost brethren to once again write a song of life… together.   A feather pen almost dried of ink Can write no more A gentle dip is all it need to express his emotions exploding within     (as the author … Continue reading


When you touch someone’s heart Allow them to touch yours as well Feel the trust, the love You’ll never know how long it’ll last When today’s encounter be archived into memories Make sure you’ll be confident to smile whenever you remember

Miss Ko Ang COTR Zaragoza

Practice saturday, timing depende sa availability Sunduan, rendevous sa Purok 2, bitbit ang instruments, nagmamadali Collaborate, Pasada, palpak, pasada ulit, ayos na, polish pa Ayos ng monoblock chairs bago umuwi, baka masermunan ni pastora Kakaba-kaba sa Opening Prayer Lilingon-lingon sa dumarating na members Mapapapalakpak ka sa masayang kwentuhan Binabati ng matamis na ngiti ang kapatiran … Continue reading

Remember when…

Do you remember… …when you greet our world with faint cries. Those tender lips and fragile body, brought happiness all around you. I can’t help but thank God for a healthy baby boy. … when you first cling to your mommy. You both spent nine months bonding together, and finally you saw her! I remember how it … Continue reading

Mind Illustrated…

-Pendulum to and fro, so it goes as clock ticks, with distinct noise on this sleepless night, i’m missin’ you most ’tis this restless mind, i can’t stop or pause now i’m beginning to wander again… -Flood before i knew it, i’m being carried away away from this realm, into higher heights, before i can … Continue reading