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Gone.. too soon.. will miss you Ace

I have compassion with families dealing with battle of deppression. I even commit myself to pray for them. I feel them. Never was I’m aware that my family will join the statistics. Today I lost my nephew, jumped in a shopping mall. No words, just plain sadness. Please, I’m begging anyone who is in the … Continue reading

Newsflash..happy face

The downside of being genuinely happy, and bubbly at some extent, is that you can’t afford to appear as genuinely lonely. I’m getting uncomfy just by thinking to be lonely, then got bored, then uplift myself again. It’s not hypocricy. I’m not trying to be pretentious about it. Surely, we’ve got bad days, seen better … Continue reading

Let the Journey Continue…

Series of events are happening lately, and these are happening so fast I can’t keep up. Sometimes the introvertness inside me is kicking in. Life is full of surprises, and I’m in for a treat! I’m not physically at my best lately, I’ll post the reason why by next two weeks. Today I’ve got my … Continue reading


Deprived, suppressed, exhausted, wasted Clinging for ounce of strength being mustered With this journey I’d lovingly invested Don’t pull me away, I’m just getting started. My heart is out of shape and I’m out of place Frustratingly beating myself, advancing my phase Strategize, prepare, attack, withdraw, back to board game… the battle is intensed I … Continue reading


When was the last time you posted something “honest” (as in free-flowing thoughts) in a social media and received massive backlash? Well, I just had that rather uncalled experience. I don’t want to delve into details. Once again, my assumption proves right about facebook: this is not an avenue to express my thoughts. I’m going … Continue reading

The Void

A sudden gush of emotion Creeping thru my senses like an apparition Caught me off-guard Wrenching my heart. “All is well, everything’s a’ryt” Empty words, fake smile, a common sight I can deal with everyone but myself.

Quest for meaning of life

In my life, choosing a path is the hardest part. Then I live with my choice, whatever the consequence(s) may be.  It just occurred to me the thought that reflected by the Preacher (King Solomon) – that “life is meaningless.” I can’t agree more.  I was raised to be educated and find stable job, doubted … Continue reading

Why is it so tough to move forward?

Lately I’m pondering about this question. Then my mind sails afloat the sea of thoughts. I then find myself trolling around scenarios of “what if?” “why not?” exchange – like a tennis ball.  Tradeoff is the main factor. If I move forward, I will leave point “A” and embrace point “B.” There’s no turning back, … Continue reading


My boss felt sorry for me. He is saddened by the idea of me staying away wth my wife and son to work. He asked me how long I intend to continue this setup. I replied “two years,” doubtfully. It’s never easy to be away from your family. One of my life’s regret is not … Continue reading

God, You alone

So much for lonely posts…


Reflecting the image on the outside… Spotcheck… Guide to fix what’s wrong in the reflection. Sigh…


Minutes,…hours… this once excited journey is now filled with grief. This heart did not seek sympathy from anyone. This soul drifting in the realm of the unworthy longs nothing but peace. This deafening silence is screaming so hard that it redefines my inner identity. Enjoyment is a temporary experience to hide/conceal the pains and sufferings … Continue reading