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Midnight Thoughts

i can only wish to be in your arms not to part ways again i can only wish..   what i can do for now is close my eyes and be lost in a pointless dream to be awaken – one less day to wait i’ll be home soon.   or i can stay awake, … Continue reading

The Bond

We cannot laugh on motherhood. She’s in various pain since conception. We’re blessed that her pregnancy does not require bedrest, we just have to take necessary precautions and follow her OB’s instructions religiously and we’re good to go. Her discomfort did not ended in delivery. Aldaen must have said: “mom, we’re only just began..” 🙂 … Continue reading

Me and my Beautiful Wife

…just another day…

Long-Distance Relationship

Long-Distance Relationship

Where you just can’t get enough! It’s when there’s always a reason to miss each other… It’s when our hearts feel beyond our senses… It’s taking advantage of every minute of a conversation, seizing the moment… It’s a thrill of looking forward on seeing each other again… It’s having an assurance that no matter what, we’ll be faithful… It’s entrusting each other’s heart to the Maker, to the very reason and center of our love – Jesus.

“It was also called Mizpah, because he said, “May the LORD keep watch between you and me when we are away from each other.” -Genesis 31:49

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A New Chapter

“A man just married few months ago, I wonder how to live this way.” Allow me to tell you my life story, why I’d arrived in the statement above. I’m working in international engineering firm here in Doha, Qatar for about five years. By the time I started working, I’m not yet married. Few years … Continue reading

Happy Hearts’ Day!!!

What made today so special is the realization that I have one more day to show how much i love my wife. She’s so special to me in so many ways. She loves me so much. As her husband, and as a man deeply in love with her, I will do anything to make her … Continue reading

You.. :)

happy 20th…

i love you so much, my janhilly. I pray each day that God, in His sovereignty, continue to shower you His marvelous light, as you walk in the beauty of His holiness. He knew every cry of your heart, He knew the tears you’d shed, He knew how you grieve on the things that make … Continue reading

confessed once more.. :)

i just want to say that i love you so much. i am missin’ you more and more each day. i’m waiting patiently, with such longingness to see you again.

this i promise you…

i knew darating din tayo sa panahon na finally we can express our love to one another to the fullest. i am waiting patiently (word for 2day ‘patient’ ) for that special day. and til we see each other again…for now, eto muna, i just want you to know how thankful i am having you … Continue reading



i often think of being with you, running in a greenland showered by morning dew, taking time to smell the fragrance of flowers, chasing butterflies… walking down the river.   somehow, perhaps it’s nice to experience rolling down the hill, it hurts, but with my arms around you, how does it feel? and as we … Continue reading