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Midnight Thoughts

i can only wish

to be in your arms

not to part ways again

i can only wish..


what i can do for now

is close my eyes

and be lost in a pointless dream

to be awaken – one less day to wait

i’ll be home soon.


or i can stay awake,

flooded with thoughts

that consume my inner self with unspoken emotions,

fueled by longingness yet to be satisfied,

i can only think… surely, there’ll be better days.


i decided to closed my eyes,

darkness invites me in solitude,

a silent sanctuary

my safe haven,

far away from the world.


one day, God will allow me to be with you

and once more, create a memory worth looking back

when our hairs turn gray

when our wrinkled, brittled fingers hold together,

and be able to say that our love stood the test of time.

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The Bond

We cannot laugh on motherhood. She’s in various pain since conception. We’re blessed that her pregnancy does not require bedrest, we just have to take necessary precautions and follow her OB’s instructions religiously and we’re good to go.

Her discomfort did not ended in delivery. Aldaen must have said: “mom, we’re only just began..” 🙂 I am indebted of her love and affections toward our blessed baby. Surely he’ll be thankful when he’s old enough to express his thoughts. Right now we take joy and pride in his meaningful glances, smile, laughter, “make-faces” (which he’s really good at!). We have a smart kid!

Aldaen must have said: “mom, we’re only just began..”

This is a simple appreciation for her gentle love and untiring efforts to support Aldaen as he grow. It will be a long road ahead and I guarantee it will never be a smooth ride but one thing I knew for sure: She as his mother, will always be there for her son. Oh boy, that must be love!

It will be a long road ahead and I guarantee it will never be a smooth ride but one thing I knew for sure: she as his mother, will always be there for her son.

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A New Chapter

“A man just married few months ago, I wonder how to live this way.”

Allow me to tell you my life story, why I’d arrived in the statement above.

I’m working in international engineering firm here in Doha, Qatar for about five years. By the time I started working, I’m not yet married. Few years ago, I met a beautiful girl, and to cut the long story short, we got married eventually. That’s a turningpoint of my life. I know great change in my life had just began, and I am excited to welcome new change, new events, new life.

Being away from my loving wife is not easy. Lots of sleepless nights, long and lonely days, unending longingness – these fill my heart. But I know at the end of all of these, I will greet myself each morning with her smile. I know time will come that I will sleep in her warm embrace. I know things will turn the way I want it to be, the way we want it to be. I know that love, in the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ, will continue to flourish and fill our hearts with gladness. I know, the fulfillment of each other’s life is in His awesome presence. In the love of God, we will stay so strong and be united. I remember one verse in the scripture that I love so dearly, saying:

“It was also called Mizpah, because he said, “May the LORD keep watch between you and me when we are away from each other.” – Genesis 31:49

The Lord will surely watch between us. And having that assurance keep my heart at rest and my mind at peace. Until we see each other again, my love.

But that don’t stopped me from wonderin how to live this way. 😀

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happy 20th…

i love you so much, my janhilly. I pray each day that God, in His sovereignty, continue to shower you His marvelous light, as you walk in the beauty of His holiness. He knew every cry of your heart, He knew the tears you’d shed, He knew how you grieve on the things that make His heart grieve. May your heart be filled with joy and thanksgiving. God bless you.

As for me, i will love you with all i am, and will continue to love you more and more each day. Let me share with all your pains, struggles, and you bet, i will be with you in every endeavours, ventures, attempts, pursuits, and “pressing on towards the price” you ever think of. I will be with you in prayers, until we see each other again, then surely, our joys will be completed.

I love you so much.

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this i promise you…

i knew darating din tayo sa panahon na finally we can express our love to one another to the fullest. i am waiting patiently (word for 2day ‘patient’ ) for that special day. and til we see each other again…for now, eto muna, i just want you to know how thankful i am having you in my life. i love you so much, much more..ikaw lang ang minahal ko ng ganito…and you know that…and it’s sweet to know na ako lang ang minahal mo ng ganito..and i am thankful for all the love and trust you gave to me. and this is a promise of a lifetime, that i will love you more and more each day. i don’t care if it may be a good time, it may be a bad time. but each and every day, i will love you even more. i am your most avid fan, your most persistent stalker, your sweetest lover, your one great true love of your life. i am happy to love you more and more…thank you for loving me. thank you for waiting patiently for me. thank you for staying late at night waiting for me to come home. thank you mahal ko..i just want to thank you..i keep praying that our God, Jesus, will continue to shower us with His love as we walk down together in this road we chose to take, road closer and closer to God, deeper and deeper in love with Him, and may His faithful compassion be with us. Let’s share His love. Ganun naman talaga,db?ang love sine-share..pero yung special love na para sa iyo ay para sa iyo lang..that’s my promise to yung special love na para sa akin, akin lang ha? (possessive..hehe) ah,basta, i love you so much..i am the best man you ever knew..nde yung bestman sa kasal ha..hehe…i am the best for you, because you are the best for me..God chose us together to live and love each other, to spend the rest of our lives expressing the love, such love, to one another. The love that kept hidden for so long, suppressed by the distance with each other. The love that dared to challenge our limitations, our preferences, our point of views…that love that humbled us together as we apologize for all the hurts we had caused to one another each time we have frictions..that love that filled our hearts with gladness…that love that drawn us nearer to God..that love, is the love we share for the rest of our lives…i love you..i always love you..

(o d ba, pang-vow na?hehe…mahal na mahal kita..)

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i often think of being with you,
running in a greenland showered by morning dew,
taking time to smell the fragrance of flowers,
chasing butterflies… walking down the river.
somehow, perhaps it’s nice to experience rolling down the hill,
it hurts, but with my arms around you, how does it feel?
and as we lay on sweet, green pasture,
we will watch the blue sky, with clouds forming caricature.
we will watch free birds migrating to the other side,
we will run so free, there’s nothing to hide,
we will climb trees, we will climb uphill,
we will chase each other, oh! what a thrill!
– albert2jc / 31st march 2011