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#29 Dad, Why Are You Not Here?

Dear Dad,

We went to shopping mall today to buy clothes for Ate Yza’s 7th birthday. Mom was so preoccupied with choosing the best clothes for me that she forgot to buy me a toy as she promised.

me with mom

As I reminded her when we reached home, mom felt sorry for me and assured me that we will buy next time. I said “we will buy with daddy?” She said no because you will not go home yet. I asked “why then?” She said because you are working there in Qatar to earn, so that I’ll be able to go to shopping mall to buy toys. I asked when you will come back, she said in two months. I helplessly asked “how long is two months?” She paused, realizing that I’m actually missing you… your presence. She said it won’t be long. I asked “when Dad go home, will he be here for a long time?” She said “yes” and for no reason, she hugged me.

Dad, you’ve been in iPad long enough, come home already. I can’t fully understand mom’s reasoning. All I feel is a little bit of longingness to see you. I want to play with you, to sing with you, to dance with you. I’m bigboy na. I can’t wait to see you in the next two months.

Why can’t you stay here like other dad?

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#28 First Graduation March

Dear Dad,

Today, I marched for graduation in Day Care. I’m happy to carry my certificate! How I wish you were here this morning. I’m happy and anxious at the same time while mom and I march to receive my certificate – especially when I heard an announcement: “Soriano… Paul, Aldaen, B.”

I’m sure I made you proud! I pray next time I march, you are there to witness.

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#0027 – First SepAnx

Dear Dad,

I woke up and you’re no longer here. It’s a sad reality that once again we have to admit. I feel so sad that I don’t want to talk about it.

Then after lunch, mom approached me and put the phone in my ears saying that it’s you on the other line. The sound of your voice caught me off-guard. I screamed in tears. No words, just scream of loneliness. I long to see you Dad. Mom is surprised and told you that she need to hang up before you cry. Then the line was cut.

My mood gone crazy the rest of the day. You know the feeling of wanting something that is impossible to get? I want to see you but our journey of long-distance relationship had just resume. You promised me last night that you will come back after six months. I just nodded not knowing that I feel this hurt.

I’ll be ok, I need to be ok. Just take care of yourself. I love you, Dad.

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#0026 – First Flight

Dear dad,

One day I’m watching Ryan (in his youtube channel Ryan Toys Review) and being fascinated on travelling via plane. Never did I knew that you and mom are planning a pre-birthday present for me! Thank you dad for this gift of travel – a journey so to speak.

Mom and I along with ninang joann and her family boarded a plane bound to Cebu. I’m so excited especially I’ve got a newly-met playmate – mj (ninang joann’s nephew).

With kuya MJ

I’m enjoying every minute of our travel and everything is happening so fast, I just then found myself sitting next to mom.

I noticed that I barely hear my voice when the plane lifted. And my ears hurt a little. Mom said it’s the pressure (which is above my comprehension). I got bored and thought of the comfort of my room watching and eating all day long.

Thomas having a glimpse of scenery mid-air

When we landed, I told mom that I actually enjoyed my first flight – minus the modulated voice and strange feeling in my ears.

Touchdown: Cebu. I wished you were here so you will get our luggage and mom will carry me whenever I don’t feel walking. And of course, we miss you.

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#0025 – My First Day in School

Dear Dad,

“Daddy, mag-s-school na ‘ko!”

I’m very excited to bring you the news when we chatted yesterday. I’m looking forward for this day. Mom told me that school is a very special place where I can learn along with other kids.

Haven’t got a chance to talk earlier today, as we are busy preparing for school. Mom took few snapshots and videos of me for you to look into (and be admired – kiddin’).

The room was full of children my age, and Ma’am Mimi looks so cool. She told us not to make her angry or else her eyes will grow big. Nobody wants to mess with a teacher with supersized eyes right? We were asked to stand up, raise our hands, and shake. I’m good in following instructions, dad. We did some clay-dough molding.

Every mom/guardian was then instructed to go outside. Other kids start to cry, I did not. I wasn’t surprised at all because Mom told me ahead of time, she must’ve got a knack on outsmarting my teacher 🙂

Ma’am Mimi’s feedback is that I am very good – I don’t speak, and stayed on my sit. After all, I am just acting upon as told. One time, my classmate asked a piece of mold, so I gave him. I never took my eyes off the mold. As soon as he finished with it, I immediately grabbed it back and put in its container before he can protest 🙂

Tomorrow, we will come back to school. I’ll tell my name, am a bit nervous. Mom and I are rehearsing countlessly… “My name is Paul, Aldaen, Soriano!” So this is a stage fright.

Dad, we are supposed to eat vegetables! I only like seaweeds, but I need to obey.

I wish you are here.

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#0024 – First Time Crossing the Hanging Bridge

Ang Mag-amang Malululain.

Napaglakad ko ang aking anak sa hanging bridge basta hawak ko ang kamay niya. Hindi siya natatakot, little did he knew na medyo nahihilo na ako, kataas kaya! Libang na libang pa siyang pinagmamasdan ang mga tao at balsa sa ibaba habang nakikipagkwentuhan sa akin. Nandun yung inner peace na basta kasama mo naglalakad ang tatay mo safe ka. Parang kay Lord lang, ginagabayan tayo sa bawat hakbang, magtiwala lang tayo.

Anak, rest assured kaagapay mo kami ng nanay mo sa bawat landas na iyong tatahakin. Mahal na mahal ka namin.

It was May 1, 2018. Few days before I flew off here in Qatar. It’s my persistent request to visit Minalungao, in which I never regret doing. It’s a splendor of nature’s beauty.

Moreover, I have quality time with my son. I’m afraid of heights, so is he. But I found out that being so happy with your loved ones conquer such fear. Old saying says that greater fear conquers lesser fear. That might work, but in our case, it’s the feeling of peace and trust with your loved one beside you that did the trick. My son confidently walked through the hanging bridge suspended by about 20 feet above ground. No hint of nervousness, he actually enjoying the sight below! He said “daddy o, anliit na ng mga tao, mataas na kasi tayo hano?”

Hanging Bridge. A zipline is in parallel, people cross from time to time, while most onlookers wish that they (zipline riders) will drop their GoPro or cellphone-on-selfie-stick

I definitely will treasure this for the rest of my life. And I will keep it a secret that that’s the first time I cross a hanging bridge!

Happy together

More dizzy than tired 🙂

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#0023 – Daddy it hurts

Dear Dad,

How will I start? One moment I’m enjoying swimming with my cousins, then I found myself crying as you hit me..hard.

Please bear with me. I know you just want to discipline me. You have to understand that being a child, my tantrums are getting on the way and get into your nerves.

I’m not seeing the world as you do. You understand this life as logical as it seems. But I see magic everywhere. Whenever I want something, I just cling to my mom and presto! I’ve got it! Whenever I have a somewhat bad day, bring me to 7/11 and I’ll be fine. Paying a visit i SM is an eyecandy to me. Having touch Jollibee means so much joy to me.

I wish to cause you no trouble. Just be patient. One day, I can fully understand this mysterious world without asking you to stop hitting me. Just bear with me.

Or else, I will call the bantay-bata 163. How about that?

Yours truly,


This is to portray how hurt I feel whenever I hit my son. The bible stated not to keep your staff away from your son. Whenever I have this quiet moments do I realize how sorry I am. I’m sorry son for hurting you. We’re seeing each other once or twice a year and yet I still have a nerve to hit you. Don’t worry, you’ll outgrew those. And we will create happy memories that we will cherish all the days of our lives. I love you, i tearfully and hurtfully missin’ you.

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#0022 – Inside the Mind of My 3 year old Son

Being away from my family robbed me of the opportunity to watch my son on a daily basis. Inspite of this setup, my wife who is my greatest supporter updates me tirelessly. People say and I agree that long-distance relationship is not for everyone. I can even say that God designed a family to be together, because marriage is for companionship. But that’s not always the case. In a situation like this, I trust my wife to fill in the gap. Eventually, I will go home for good but not now, not yet.

My son never failed to amaze me. Every parent feels that way actually.

Lately, my wife told me that he is now experimenting. Whatever he attempts to do, he watches his mother’s reactions. Say, if mom told him not to touch electric wire he would do exactly the opposite. Typical provoking toddler. I’m telling myself that my son is no longer a baby indeed.

My son is fond of watching Peppa Pig on YouTube. He’s picking up few lines like “goodnight” “goodbye” “yeah” “of course”

He’s learning to differentiate actions/terms like:

  • Waving is different from bye-bye. One time when I bid bye-bye and instead of flipping my 4fingers up-and-down, I just waved to-and-from from left to right. He said, “daddy, that’s wrong! You’re waving. This is how to bye-bye (flipping his 4fingers up-and-down). He got that from peppa pig & family.
  • “Goodbye” is when we finish our convo with daddy. “Goodnight” is when we’re going to sleep.

Then he plays with his mom by speaking in English. Convo sounds like this:

A: (do you) like burger?

M: Yes, how about you?

A: yeah.

M: How about spaghetti?

A: yeah.

M: Chickenjoy?

A: yeah.

M: From now on, I will talk to you in english.

A: (long pause..looking straight in the eye with mom, smiling..then..) of course!

For sure he don’t know the meaning of it. He just trying his luck, picking up from convo in Peppa Pig. It works! 🙂

And yes, I call my wife “Boss,” don’t ask 🙂

Just today, they attended a “Youth Convention” to Bulacan, a 2hr drive away. Since his mom is a pastor, he’s tagging along. No one will be left to watch over him, and we are encouraging him to be exposed in the church in his young age. For us, if no one is old enough to seek God, then no one is very young either. After all, it’s about teaching a child the way he should go..

Then just tonight, Aldaen is asking his mom why they don’t do that something in our church. My wife is puzzled, and later on he’s imitating someone that’s speaking in tongue! I mean, for a 3year old toddler, he must be very observant to sink these into his mind. He is being trained and acquainted to ask for any curiosities, and his mom is very attentive.

His mom shared to me that he’s making a cry-face (‘sibi’ in our native tongue tagalog) during the Altar Call. Altar call is the part of the programme wherein the minister is calling everyone that are being convicted to move forward and receive God’s anointing/blessings. In the height of it, people actually cry aloud while some are sobbing silently, while other sing. My son is asking why. Mom is smart enough to tell the truth that they are just praying to God aloud. We trust that he understands, he’s praying each night so he got the idea.

Thank You Lord.

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#0021 – First PuppetChat

Dear Dad,

You may wish to pause on #throwingback.

Today, I don’t like to chat with you. You have to understand I’m 3 years old now and as I always insist to mom, i’m a bigboy na.

But then again, you’re so persistent. You have your ways. From showing me a bunch of surprise eggs to offering sweets for me to “grab” and say “yum-yum,” you never failed to amaze me.

But Puppet chatting? Seriously?

You had me at “hello” (froggy on webcam).