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#0033 – Aldaen’s 5th Birthday!

Dear Dad, What can I say, Big Thanks for you and mom for making me so happy on my 5th Birthday! See my cakes below 🙂 …First …Second …Third …Fourth …Fifth yey! Thank you Dad and Mom! I love you both!

#0032 – Aldaen’s First ‘Grounded’ Experience :(

Dear Dad, I could start by asking “How could you?” but you have your own reasons so I just yield. Few days ago, I’m struggling with attending a ‘flag raising ceremony’ in our school. You guys are smart and surely you understand the introvertness in me, I’m expecting you understand. I’ve got impressions that you … Continue reading

#0031 – Aldaen’s First Movie Experience

Dear Dad, This weekend, we watched “Spiderman: Far From Home.” We went with Kuya Gabo and Ate Shane. We had so much fun! It’s very dark inside, and the TV is so huge! Prior to that, we played in “Kidzoonia,” you know how much I love playing there.

#0030 – Aldaen’s first “Mother’s Day” card

Dear dad, Today I made a Mother’s Day book (not card 😂) for mom. Check it out!

#29 Dad, Why Are You Not Here?

Dear Dad, We went to shopping mall today to buy clothes for Ate Yza’s 7th birthday. Mom was so preoccupied with choosing the best clothes for me that she forgot to buy me a toy as she promised. As I reminded her when we reached home, mom felt sorry for me and assured me that … Continue reading

#28 First Graduation March

Dear Dad, Today, I marched for graduation in Day Care. I’m happy to carry my certificate! How I wish you were here this morning. I’m happy and anxious at the same time while mom and I march to receive my certificate – especially when I heard an announcement: “Soriano… Paul, Aldaen, B.” I’m sure I … Continue reading

#0027 – First SepAnx

Dear Dad, I woke up and you’re no longer here. It’s a sad reality that once again we have to admit. I feel so sad that I don’t want to talk about it. Then after lunch, mom approached me and put the phone in my ears saying that it’s you on the other line. The … Continue reading

#0026 – First Flight

Dear dad, One day I’m watching Ryan (in his youtube channel Ryan Toys Review) and being fascinated on travelling via plane. Never did I knew that you and mom are planning a pre-birthday present for me! Thank you dad for this gift of travel – a journey so to speak. Mom and I along with … Continue reading

#0025 – My First Day in School

Dear Dad, “Daddy, mag-s-school na ‘ko!” I’m very excited to bring you the news when we chatted yesterday. I’m looking forward for this day. Mom told me that school is a very special place where I can learn along with other kids. Haven’t got a chance to talk earlier today, as we are busy preparing … Continue reading

#0024 – First Time Crossing the Hanging Bridge

Ang Mag-amang Malululain. Napaglakad ko ang aking anak sa hanging bridge basta hawak ko ang kamay niya. Hindi siya natatakot, little did he knew na medyo nahihilo na ako, kataas kaya! Libang na libang pa siyang pinagmamasdan ang mga tao at balsa sa ibaba habang nakikipagkwentuhan sa akin. Nandun yung inner peace na basta kasama … Continue reading

#0023 – Daddy it hurts

Dear Dad, How will I start? One moment I’m enjoying swimming with my cousins, then I found myself crying as you hit me..hard. Please bear with me. I know you just want to discipline me. You have to understand that being a child, my tantrums are getting on the way and get into your nerves. … Continue reading

#0022 – Inside the Mind of My 3 year old Son

Being away from my family robbed me of the opportunity to watch my son on a daily basis. Inspite of this setup, my wife who is my greatest supporter updates me tirelessly. People say and I agree that long-distance relationship is not for everyone. I can even say that God designed a family to be … Continue reading