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Time to Read!

It’s my dayoff, and I don’t feel like connecting to the outside world so I decided to read while it’s raining cats and dogs outside.

This controversial book is unusual read for me. Back in the days when I was in college at thectime of its release, I’m skeptical to read this book. You know, I was narrow-minded that time and the self-righteous-me attitude is kickin’ in 😁 I’m glad I managed to think outside the box and be freed from my hypocrisy of self-righteousness – praise God!

My boss handed this book on my colleauge. I borrowed it intended to read it over the weekend. I guess I have to keep it a bit longer.

I’ll post a review afterwards.

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The Fault in Our Stars

Author: John Green

So, do I have to fly to Indiana to find out what happened to Hazel? For the kind attention of John Green [hashtag: van houten!]

I actually ‘saw’ early part of the movie adaptation with the same title, but got bored and discontinued watching. I guess it’s not too late to repent then. I have to watch it, attentively this time.

This tragic love story between two hearts a la Romeo & Juliet brought me in a new awareness of seeing life on their perspective. I mean, it’s not hard to show your sympathy with sick friends and then completely forget about them and carry our own lives. People don’t want our pity, they deserve more than that. They want to be treated genuinely not because of their health state. i can’t agree more on the saying that we fight our own battle, let’s be patient with one another.

I might be in the wrong section! 😅 I’m supposed to just have a review, but got lost in the process. That’s how powerful this novel is, or is it just me? It’s for you to find out dear.

Eveyime I reflect on a book i just read, I can’t help but to think the author’s association with persons suffering from big ‘C’. Surely, he must’ve some source of inspiration so to speak. When you started to have a feel for the characters, you knew you are into it.

Moving, inspiring, offer hope not to live longer but to live each day more infinite than the intended infinite for what it’s worth – now I’m paraphrasing a quote on the book itself!

This is not your usual mentor book. It’s an inspirational book. I call it a contemporary equivalent of a Purpose-Driven Life.


Update: funny coincidence.

I am visiting my friend in a hospital today and it happened that the movie flashed in tv screen is, guess what.. The Fault in our Stars 🙂

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The Widow

Author: Fiona Barton

I’m not a fan of investigative journalism. Thus, I’m not intrested to read such genre. However, curiosity overtook my preference and indulged into reading this book – I guess the teaser served its purpose.

The death of the suspect Glen on the crime of child molestation/murder closed the case. It’s up to the wife Jean to disclose if she is aware of Glen’s involvement on the crime. She might knew, or might be clueless. Throughout the novel, the grim reality of pedophilia is portrayed. We even visited the case in Glen’s perspective. This novel is moving, especially if you have a baby girl.

I’m not sure if there’s a motion picture out of this novel, I will definitely watch it given half a chance.

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The Girl On The Train

Paula Hawkins brought us on the world of complicated circumstances, so vivid that you feel like a close friend of yours is sharing her life story. I have a hint that the author is a commuter – must’d sparked the idea during her daily commute.

The story of crime, failed marriage, battle of deppression, financial struggle due to recently lost job, alcohol addiction, and paranoia are being projected throughout the novel so real that you will have a feel for the characters.

What I appreciate reading this novel is the privilege of finishing this book before I watch its movie adaptation in a widescreen. Details that can be easily missed are explained into details in the book. I’m happy that the storyline in the movie is exactly the same as in the book. Seldom do I encounter that. As far as I can remember, with the books I read to date, the movie plot with the same storyline in the book is Will Smith’s “Wild, Wild West.” I was 14 then if I’m not mistaken. Happy days.

Looking forward reading more of this kind of novel.

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Book Review: Bullseye

This is one of the bestselling novel by James Patterson with Michael Ledwidge portraying a Detective Michael Bennett thriller.

As the title suggested, the story centers on failed assassination attempt on US president. This involves conspiracies among ranks and sparks controversies between rival countries – which could lead on a next world war.

I love how the authors describe technical specifications of assassin’s choice of weapon. This is what I’m actually after. I also like how the strategies are being laid down.

I just don’t like the ending though. Inasmuch as I appreciate it, I found it unconvincing that the assassin whom you are after in the course of the novel shall be…i have to stop here *spoiler alert*

Actions are fast-paced, political tensions are realistic, and how each scenario connects together is a genius’ work.

I can’t help but visualize Detective Bennett as the guy from tv series 24 😀

This novel is a treat, get yours 😊

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Book Review: Zero Hour

When you’re after a 007-type of action, then you’re in for a treat.

This book is basically a rip-off (or inspired/an inspiration) of Liam Neeson’s ‘Taken’ – whichever written first 🙂

I have to say, i managed to finish the book literally 24, hours after purchase. The book is that good!

The narration is British, shying away from CIA/FBI bullying. Instead, displaying the capabilities and operational approach by MI5/ MI6, SAS, and so on – “for England James!” (mimicking Sean Penn’s remarks to Pierce Brosnan as Sean is hanging before Pierce Brosnan let go of his hand, sending him to his death).

Plot is pretty cool, cliffhanger will drag you ’til the end. I love how the author Andy McNab effortlessly stir the storyline (he himself is an ex-SAS). This covert operation is one of the usual BS in the military which actually serves its purpose: to accomplish the mission, whatever it takes.

The author is taking his time. There are few paragraphs that are unusually long to have a visual description. It’s his style, and I respect that. There are fillers but later find their way into the story.

I’m expecting to read a coordinated commando mission, but I’m not disappointed. I should have picked up the Delta Force type of reads instead. Next time. Nothwithstanding, this book stood out and I’m looking forward on grabbing more of McNab’s books.

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Meet the Bookworms

Lately I posted about my personal challenge to read novels in paperback. Driven by my childish excitement, I bragged about the book I purchased (as if I already read it hehe) to start my quest.

One of our WP blogger momshie Aubrey (i will articulate momshie until the awkwardness fade) suggested The Fault In Our Stars (trivia: an FB group TheFaultInOurBlogs is a parody of this book/movie). Thanks momshie.

Then being talkative as I am, I shared my hobby of reading to my smart colleagues. Guess what, both of them are hustlers in reading! As in they virtually read while they sleep… Effortless. 

Kay’s “Book of the Week”
KC’s Stack of Books

I have to say, kinain ako ng buong-buo. 

What I’m thankful for is they’re generous enough to lend their books to me 🙂 So I will hold on to TheFaultInOurStars, got to read the above books first 🙂

Thank you for the inspirations you’ve unconsciously imparted.

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Book Reading… For A Change

As this year pulls its silver lining (metaphor is intended), I’m pondering with something cool to start the next promising year. Then the idea struck me: why don’t I do the book reading marathon? This thought is triggered by nocturnal mom’s post in fb group #TheFaultInOurBlogs. *Shoutout* which is addressed to moms only (how could you?haha) I am tempted to comment but hesitated because the post is intended for momshies hehe. I’ll start an advocacy that men do read books also haha.

I actually  read e-books, but something inside urges me to read in paperbacks just like old days. 

So today, I purchased a book entitled “The Widow.” To be consistent, as soon as I finish reading this book, I will buy new one. I want to know my phasing. Few years back, I can finish one novel in two weeks (reading time: after office hours). I’ll not beat myself to death to achieve/surpass this speed. I will focus on masticating the book, contemplating, reflecting. My doubt is, do I still possess the patience and interest to finish this? Time will tell 🙂

I appreciate your tips and tricks on this. Calling all the bookworms out there 🙂




This is worth-reading. I’m in page 135 🙂 this is progress, looks like i can finish this before christmas yey! I only realized now that I intend to start next year. Can’t help it, have to strike while the iron is hot.


Done 🙂 This novel hooked me up in no time. 

Not unless I’ll be busy days ahead, i am looking forward for one more book before closing this year #finger-crossed