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Meet The Bride!

Catch The Bouquet!

She’s ate Gena.. She created the gown of Sharie and prepared all dresses and every item for the entourage. She’s running a boutique. She’s dedicated in her art. She’s very handy and i remember that she did not go to sleep until she’s satisfied with Sharie’s gown! If you are planning a wedding and if … Continue reading

The Prayer (Pre-Nuptial Photoshoot) – Part 2

So we have a very memorable day. It’s about time to sit down and replenish our energies as we both hungry! Nevertheless, our photographer just can’t get enough! We admired him for his dedication and coolness. Kudos to Kuya Flor! Here are the continuation of our PreNuptial Photoshoot: Serenading us with awkward song. I can’t … Continue reading

The Prayer (Pre-Nuptial Photoshoot) – Part 1

Oh! Finally, we’re on the stage of preparing for our forthcoming wedding. We’re so anxious yet excited to experience the joy and the thrill of walking in the aisle, exchanging vows to love one another (til death do us part). But before we jump into wedding day, allow me to give you a quick tour … Continue reading