Organizing / Decluttering

Thought Board, Pocket Note

Had it occured to you the thought of regret upon suffering from forgetfulness? What if you wrote it somewhere? Had you only jotted your idea down, or recorded your upcoming due dates?

You’re not alone.

As i was locked out of WordPress (yeah, it’s a big deal for me, don’t ask hehe), I can’t help but ask these kind of questions. One of our WP users Miss N suggested to carry around an actual notebook with me. Nothing beats the physical she said. I’m not a big fan of carrying a notebook in this digital age, but the advantages outweigh the discomforts so I’ve got one πŸ™‚

Have you heard the Good News? πŸ™‚

I want to go the extra mile, so I bought a board. That’s progress!

Check this out!

Don’t mind the handwriting, it’s hieroglyphics

Some items are self-explanatory, some are for me to keep. My aim is to be reminded that I still have such supplies and keep track of what’s next.

I appreciate your comments/suggestions guys!

Dear dad

#0031 – Aldaen’s First Movie Experience

Dear Dad,

This weekend, we watched “Spiderman: Far From Home.” We went with Kuya Gabo and Ate Shane. We had so much fun!

It’s very dark inside, and the TV is so huge!

Prior to that, we played in “Kidzoonia,” you know how much I love playing there.


Bonding with my colleagues

Every once in a while, it’s a pleasure catching up with my colleagues. I’d relocated to other office last year and I surely missin’ bonding with them.

It’s lovely to talk everything under the sun in such rare opportunity to come together. There are times when we talk about work but we tried to keep the mood light and revert back on personal topics.

Good times indeed.


Being Locked Out of WordPress…

So i really missed blogging my thoughts out!

Finally, am able to log in!


Recently I lost my phone as one crooked snatched it away from my wife’s bag. Snatchers are everywhere and we’re not as safe as we casually assume. You’ve been warned. πŸ™‚

Few minutes after losing my phone, i went into panic mode. Have to revoke my phone’s access, reset my passwords, password-protect my ‘Accounts’ section in OneNote, etc.. All of these ordeal I have to endure because err, am not rich thus can’t afford the big apple hehe. Well, to make the long story short, i was able to reset passwords on all of my accounts memorizing all of credentials. Sadly, my memory is not as sharp as it used to be. And of all my accounts, I forgot my new password for my wordpress account! And because I’m an idiot, I did not enabled the 2-way verification… I have to stop myself now, I’m getting technical..

For few weeks I keep thinking how I can log in. Then almost unconsciously, I open my laptop and log in. As if the universe joined forces together (ref. The Alchemist), my gmail account remembered my credentials!

Looking back, I realized that my laptop is the current device in sync with my lost phone. I’m not sure how, but apparently even if I sync’d in my new device it did not save all credentials. Strange.

Well, I’m just more than happy to return in the blogosphere..yey!

Tagalog Posts

Eks Factor

Sa buhay natin, dumarating tayo sa realisasyon na paano na lang kaya kung kasama pa natin “sila” hanggang ngayon? Mga taong iniwan natin at mga nang-iwan sa atin. Matututunan kaya natin ang mga aral na itinuro sa atin habang nag m move on tayo, kung hindi sila kabilang sa mga taong inikesan mo sa larawang kupas? Ganun din naman ang ginawa nila sa akin nung iniwan ko sila…inikesan din nila ako. Minsan gusto ko silang makita, makausap, mayakap… Kasi hindi naman biro ang inyong pinagsamahan. Kung sa bagong kakilala nga feeling close ako minsan, gasino na lang sa mga taong kasabay kong namulat sa pagharap sa buhay. Sila na naging saksi sa bawat pagsubok na pinagtagumpayan ko. Hanggang sa sinubok kami, at isa sa amin (o minsan parehas) ang kailangang umalis, mang-iwan. Feeling betrayed, hindi kasi ito ang pagkakakilala ko sa samahan namin. Kadami naming pangarap, mga memories na minsan ay kasarap balik-balikan..noon yun, ngayo’y masasaktan ka na lang ‘pag naaalala mo yun, hanggang mabwisit ka na..ayaw mo kasi mag dwell sa nakaraan, pero bahagi sila, o naging bahagi sila.. ng paghubog sa kung sino ka man ngayon.

May mga bagay na intended sigurong tanggapin kahit hindi natin maintindihan.. acceptance ika nga. Masaya ako dahil alam kong past life na kung ano meron kami nuon. Prinsipyo ko sa buhay, kung hanggang saan pwede tayo magkasundo duon ako. It takes two to tango. Gusto ko lang sabihin na nakaka miss din sila. Pero parehas kaming ma-pride, nirerespeto ang space ng bawat isa.

Salamat sa nakaraan. Inikesan ko na kayo, ikesan n’yo na rin ako.


My First Doha Metro Ride (A Simple Guide)

Almost a week since the soft opening of Doha Metro Red Line Rail (Wakra to Lusail en route various stations), I decided to take a ride and have a first-hand experience of this well-received transport. As local newspaper highlighted, 08 May 2019 is a major turning point of Qatar’s ambitious journey to transport development.

Here’s a quick guide πŸ˜„

  1. Check your journey against the above map (ctto).
  2. Go to the nearest station.
  3. Ask nearby attendants for Metro Office so you can purchase card (you don’t want to mess with self-service machine πŸ˜…, not yet). They’re friendly and are more than happy to assist. Cards come with three types:
    • Standard Travel Card (STC) which is a reusable plastic travel card that costs QR 10.
    • A non-reusable, paper travel card that contains either a single journey or day pass, Limited Use Travel Card (LUTC) (single journey/day pass).
    • Gold Travel Card (GTC) is a reusable plastic card that costs QR 100.
  4. Head to train station. Feel free to approach any attendant you can find (they’re everywhere) for direction, or when in doubt.
Look for the Doha Metro flag
Go down, get the card, enter the train..
State-of-the-art technology (Announcement is being aired in Arabic and English)
Doha Metro don’t just live up with the hype, it exceeds expectations!

I usually go by Bus #76 (CityCenter to Bus Station) then transfer to Bus#55 bound to my place. I excitedly hailed the approaching Bus#55 the moment I stepped out of the Metro Station thinking that it will lead me to my place. To my dismay (because I’m an idiot), it headed straight to Bus Station πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ I must be travelling on the wrong side of the road! I did it right the second time though 😎 #thuglife Lesson learned: let go of the past 😜

Dear dad

#0030 – Aldaen’s first “Mother’s Day” card

Dear dad,

Today I made a Mother’s Day book (not card πŸ˜‚) for mom. Check it out!


Time to Read!

It’s my dayoff, and I don’t feel like connecting to the outside world so I decided to read while it’s raining cats and dogs outside.

This controversial book is unusual read for me. Back in the days when I was in college at thectime of its release, I’m skeptical to read this book. You know, I was narrow-minded that time and the self-righteous-me attitude is kickin’ in 😁 I’m glad I managed to think outside the box and be freed from my hypocrisy of self-righteousness – praise God!

My boss handed this book on my colleauge. I borrowed it intended to read it over the weekend. I guess I have to keep it a bit longer.

I’ll post a review afterwards.


Iftar with Mutton Biryani :)

I’m fond of mutton biryani. A mix of spices so much that i can’t name the ingredients πŸ™‚
Let's Celebrate!

In a Cup of Coffee

During my heyday, we used to indulge in an all-you-can-eat dinner. I remember so well how often we dine in Ponderosa Steakhouse (Salwa Road), and in Chinese Garden (City Center). We satisfied our cravings to the limit of our belly.

Now way past my prime, my appetite is fading away along with my metabolism. I started to be selective with my food intake. How will I eat to my heart’s (or in this case, my tummy’s) content being paranoid that arthritis is just lurking at the corner? I began to watch my weight and started to get anxious with my blood rate. Indeed, I’m entering into tito (uncle) stage of my life. Ain’t easy, but I can manage.

Here comes an alternative: coffee. Filipinos are well-known for being a foodie. We enjoy having meaningful conversation while dining. Now that age is catching up, we tend to skip the food and sit down with a cup of coffee or tea. We enjoyed each other’s company, and we are guilt-free (carbs). Win-win.

As I once again celebrate my birthday away from home, I invited my friends to join me in a plate of delicious meal or a cup of coffee – whichever.

These are few moments I had with my friends πŸ˜„.


One Blessed Day

Let's Celebrate! Qatar

Bella Turns 2!

Let love and faithfulness never leave you; – Proverbs 3:3

Today we celebrate Belle’s happiness as she just turned 2. It’s an honor to witness her parent’s joy as they watch her grow in beauty.

I can’t help but remember one night, I was conversing with Bella’s dad Ian. They were expecting for a child then. Surely, in God’s perfect time they shall receive their heart’s desires.

After few months, I heard the good news! Time flies indeed, their baby is now 2 years old.

My prayer for her that she grow in love each day.