21-Day Fasting a.k.a. Daniel Fast – Week2

As we dig deeper in our commitment to honor God thru prayer and fasting, His marvelous works start to unfold right before our eyes.

Allow me to share some points that struck me hard.

  • It’s no longer a struggle to set aside physical urge such as eating, sleeping, or watching, when it’s time to pray. We become more sensitive of the Spirit. We’re stirring something in the heavenlies, something great is happening! If you have a spare time, I wish to share one of the JCLG music team (headed by bro. Edwin) bible study way back 2012 (we were young back then 😉) entitled Building in the Spirit.
  • God is leading us to fulfill our purpose designed by Him, as explained in 9th Day of fasting. As I weep and asking God to break me, He impressed me the heart of Moses saying:

Then Moses said to him, “If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.

Exodus 33:15
  • What once was a stronghold of the enemies is crumbling down as God breaks me. What once was a strong push to sin is now a far pathetic cry of the enemy. We have confidence to approach the Throne because we are no longer blinded by deceptions of the enemy. All the name and principalities will bow down before the name of Jesus!
  • I’ve been reminded of our relationship with our family. We have to be receptive of how they see us. As explained in our Day 10 of fasting. Conflicts among family members/relatives are common especially we’re away from home. It’s a sweet reminder to deal with such conflicts in a Christian way.
  • We have to be wise and humble at the same time, as instructed by Jesus to his followers as He sends them off for ministry. Wisdom and discernment are tackled in Day 14. We don’t want to caught off-guard with the scheme of the enemies.

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

Matthew 10:16

The more we immerse ourselves with God’s presence, the more sensitive we will be of His heart. As we desire more of Him, we are being humbled knowing that we will go nowhere without Him. Entrusting everyday decision with Him is a no-brainer. We just have to trust the process.

I’m excited for the final week – 3rd trimester so to speak. Something fresh is giving birth, and I’m grateful and thankful being part of this travailing process. His name be magnified.

God bless!

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Reasons why I wear mask on public

In the midst of novelCorona virus scare, I noticed lots of people wearing masks in public – be it clothes, surgical, or a high-end N95 mask. It seems to be a bit of an overkill to some. Well, we all have our reasons.

I wear cloth mask for few reasons:

  • To filter air quality. When you’re in public transportation (bus, train, jeep (only in the Phils. 😁), you will sit (mostly stand) next to different people with varying scent (I’m trying to be polite here). Having a cloth mask is equivocal with putting a hanky into your mouth. Discretion plays a key factor, so not to offend the (stinky) person next to me. If they sneeze, then I don’t have to cover my mouth (instead of them doing that, as a rule of ethics). Moreover, it filters strong and at times somewhat strange perfumes and a faint smell of olive oil essence – which I can detect with my uncovered nose.
  • To prevent drying of my lips. Lim balm does little to prevent my lips from drying during winter. Wearing a mask will protect my lips from exposure preventing lip drying in the process.
  • I’m getting paranoid when I’m not wearing those.
  • A comfort zone for an introvert like me. Wearing a mask hides my face, and limits the chance of having a small talk with a stranger. I can even meditate, pray, or catch a nap in the public. Such perks outweighs the discomfort of wearing the mask.
Devotions Qatar Reflections

21-Day Fasting a.k.a. Daniel Fast – Week1

Our church in Qatar embarked on a 21-day Fasting this month. This is an effort to begin this year with focus to God and be immersed in His presence. We sought inspiration from prophet Daniel, as he fasted and prayed for 3 weeks.

I ate no choice food; no meat or wine touched my lips; and I used no lotions at all until the three weeks were over.

Daniel 10:3 NIV

We are guided by the anointed Minister Jentezen Franklin who is a well-known advocate of this 21-day fasting.

Below are what I learned so far in my 1-week journey.

1. Fasting is not a diet.

Since Daniel fasting is similar to Vegan style of foods, there’s a tendency to focus on it having a goal of losing weight alongside with soaking in God’s presence. For me, it’s as simple as crossing out certain foods in my grocery list and cook the rest. I made good soups, and made just soups (where I can consume only half of the meal). I’m having more trips to the bathroom than booking my Uber ride. I had headaches on the first few days, subsided eventually. Such body reactions tend to sway us in our focus. Our goal is to have deep fellowship in the Lord through intimate worship, catching His vision on our church for this year. The comparison between fasting and diet seems light and dismissive, but when you are in the height of fasting and worshipping in the spirit, you’ll know that thinking fasting as a form of diet will grieve your spirit.

2. Fasting is about Building and Defending Simultaneously

In the book of Nehemiah, when they’re rebuilding the ruins, they have unique strategy to build the walls and prevent attackers from destroying these.

who were building the wall. Those who carried materials did their work with one hand and held a weapon in the other,

Nehemiah 4:17

We are building the foundation of God’s word in our lives, at the same time guarding these from all the sins and attacks of the enemy. It appears like the attacks are frequent and strong, however I would like to think that it’s when we’re in the spirit of fasting and prayer that our spirit are more conscious with all the works of the enemies. The warfare is in the air, we are fighting a spiritual battle.

3. Let go of the past

This hits me hard. It’s not about your rapport, stature, accomplishments, failures, etc. It’s not about your past. Learn to let go and embrace the calling God is giving us today!

Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead,

Philippians 3:13 NIV

4. Daniel Fasting is like Pregnancy (my humble opinion)

Come to think of it. First week is like the first trimester. We encounter headaches, cravings (always coming back to food :)), mood swings, etc.. Then pregnant woman is getting used in the 2nd up to the 3rd trimester, but there’s still a risk of miscarriage. As we pray and fast, we are carrying God’s Word. We knew something good is going to happen. In a biblical term, often refers to as ‘travailing’. We have to be careful in the following weeks to carry the word.

5. Intimate Worship

Fasting and praying provide more opportunities to be in God’s presence. There, our priorities are redefined, we quickly shake our excuses away. For there we reflect how precious intimate worship is that nowhere we would want to be otherwise.

6. There’s power in numbers

Come to think of one person genuinely seeking God in spirit and in truth. Imagine the impact that person is capable of. How much more if more persons wholeheartedly seek God? That’s congregational worship, standing in the gap between God and His people.

7. Praying is becoming more of a desire rather than a routine

The power of praying and fasting is that we are being humbled before the Lord. So humble that I can admit that sometimes praying throughout the day is becoming a routine to me, i.e. on waking up, before eating, and before sleeping. While fasting, praying is becoming a second-nature to me. I’m conscious of the devotion I read the morning, and it’s at the back of my mind the entire day. Sure enough, throughout the day, something will happen that will either confirm or challenge what I read the morning. That triggers my attitude to pray.

If you can read this, then I haven’t bored you (yet). 🙂

Thank you.

God bless you.