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When Coffee is Life

Green Acts

Calling out all green thumbs out there! Our church here in Qatar launched an income-generating project, part of the proceeds will be used to support a foundation in the Philippines. With this noble intention, surely God will make a way. To support the cause, I invested on improving aesthetic look on our office by adding … Continue reading

#0033 – Aldaen’s 5th Birthday!

Dear Dad, What can I say, Big Thanks for you and mom for making me so happy on my 5th Birthday! See my cakes below 🙂 …First …Second …Third …Fourth …Fifth yey! Thank you Dad and Mom! I love you both!

Chillin’ Out with our Managers

Our senior managers visited our office last week. Following a day-long sprint of meetings, we treated them for a nice drinks followed by sumptuous dinner. Everyone had a good time, especially myself 🙂 ’til we meet again..