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Dear dad

#0032 – Aldaen’s First ‘Grounded’ Experience :(

Dear Dad,

I could start by asking “How could you?” but you have your own reasons so I just yield.

Few days ago, I’m struggling with attending a ‘flag raising ceremony’ in our school. You guys are smart and surely you understand the introvertness in me, I’m expecting you understand. I’ve got impressions that you don’t.

My teacher told mom that I excel in school, I’m starting to get along with my classmates (that’s improvement), and that I just need to attend in flag raising ceremony then I’ll be great! I reckon that she let me overhear your conversation for a purpose.

Believe me dad, I’m pushing myself to comply. It’s just that I’m not ready yet. I felt overwhelmed when I’m on the spot. At home, all is well. I think I can handle it, but when I arrive in the spot I felt the anxiety inside of me. That awkward moment, so I have to find my way out. I pretend to throw up for no reason. It’s getting on my mom’s nerve. I’m sorry, I really do. I just can’t, for now.

Then I’m being subjected into punishment, oh boy I should’ve saw it coming. The first disciplinary action is to put away my iPad! Inasmuch as I protest and I don’t understand how you guys be so mean, it’s unthinkable! My cousins are not around the rest of the day and mom usually go out to do some errands. I’m being left with iPad to play with. Now I just cried bitterly. I obeyed fully, behaved and shown no attitude. I deserved it.

On Saturday night, I sincerely requested to be allowed to play/watch with my iPad. You both are compassionate and I expected positive answer but you replied icily: “You’re grounded, right?” And mom started to lecture me about the consequences of my actions and how this [being grounded] will teach me to learn. It’s beyond my comprehension, I just nodded, pain in my heart, and sulked in silently to my sleep.

As I accepted my fate that my punishment will be lifted up on Tuesday, mom greeted me on Sunday morning that I can use my iPad again. I jumped on my bed with excitement! There’s a clear warning though that I should keep my promises to attend a flag raising ceremony (I was punished by breaking my promise for the first place, so I understand now that it’s not about the act, but it’s about being true with my promises).

Dad, I have to admit that being grounded sucks, but it helped me to focus and realize that you guys are dead serious about it. I love you both, but I hated you for a moment.


Aldaen fulfilling his promise 🙂 (3rd boy from the left)

NB: after we imposed disciplinary action, I barely slept that night. It hurts me as a parent to deprive my son of his happiness. I cried bitterly, but that’s parenting.

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