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Thought Board, Pocket Note

Had it occured to you the thought of regret upon suffering from forgetfulness? What if you wrote it somewhere? Had you only jotted your idea down, or recorded your upcoming due dates? You’re not alone. As i was locked out of WordPress (yeah, it’s a big deal for me, don’t ask hehe), I can’t help … Continue reading

#0031 – Aldaen’s First Movie Experience

Dear Dad, This weekend, we watched “Spiderman: Far From Home.” We went with Kuya Gabo and Ate Shane. We had so much fun! It’s very dark inside, and the TV is so huge! Prior to that, we played in “Kidzoonia,” you know how much I love playing there.

Bonding with my colleagues

Every once in a while, it’s a pleasure catching up with my colleagues. I’d relocated to other office last year and I surely missin’ bonding with them. It’s lovely to talk everything under the sun in such rare opportunity to come together. There are times when we talk about work but we tried to keep … Continue reading

Being Locked Out of WordPress…

So i really missed blogging my thoughts out! Finally, am able to log in! …backstory… Recently I lost my phone as one crooked snatched it away from my wife’s bag. Snatchers are everywhere and we’re not as safe as we casually assume. You’ve been warned. 🙂 Few minutes after losing my phone, i went into … Continue reading