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My First Doha Metro Ride (A Simple Guide)

Almost a week since the soft opening of Doha Metro Red Line Rail (Wakra to Lusail en route various stations), I decided to take a ride and have a first-hand experience of this well-received transport. As local newspaper highlighted, 08 May 2019 is a major turning point of Qatar’s ambitious journey to transport development.

Here’s a quick guide 😄

  1. Check your journey against the above map (ctto).
  2. Go to the nearest station.
  3. Ask nearby attendants for Metro Office so you can purchase card (you don’t want to mess with self-service machine 😅, not yet). They’re friendly and are more than happy to assist. Cards come with three types:
    • Standard Travel Card (STC) which is a reusable plastic travel card that costs QR 10.
    • A non-reusable, paper travel card that contains either a single journey or day pass, Limited Use Travel Card (LUTC) (single journey/day pass).
    • Gold Travel Card (GTC) is a reusable plastic card that costs QR 100.
  4. Head to train station. Feel free to approach any attendant you can find (they’re everywhere) for direction, or when in doubt.
Look for the Doha Metro flag
Go down, get the card, enter the train..
State-of-the-art technology (Announcement is being aired in Arabic and English)
Doha Metro don’t just live up with the hype, it exceeds expectations!

I usually go by Bus #76 (CityCenter to Bus Station) then transfer to Bus#55 bound to my place. I excitedly hailed the approaching Bus#55 the moment I stepped out of the Metro Station thinking that it will lead me to my place. To my dismay (because I’m an idiot), it headed straight to Bus Station 🤦‍♂️ I must be travelling on the wrong side of the road! I did it right the second time though 😎 #thuglife Lesson learned: let go of the past 😜

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