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Just Another Day…

I went home around 9:00pm. Took off my shoes, laid down on my bed, grabbed my iPad and started to get lost on my virtual world. An hour passed by, then I knew I have to get up and fix myself to sleep.

Whew! Another busy day well-spent. I feel my body begging for sleep, but I’m hanging for few more moments. I have to write it down, lest I will forget.

I just realized how happy I am. How blessed I am to be surrounded with friends that hang out with me whether I’m in abundance or in scarce. I’m happy that I reached the point in my life that I just don’t care what other people with thnk of me as long as I’m not doing something stupid… I admit I can still feel that pressing the “❤️” in my friend’s fb posts/stories makes me cringe – they might be thinking I’m some kind of a creep… ooppss, I have to stop overthinking. As one of my friend once told me “stop too much thinking my friend!” Sigh! Can’t help it sometimes!

I thank God for the breath of life. I want to die old. I want to see my grandson, I want to see my son grow in love and faithfulness. I desire to grow old with my wife. If I can have a power to relive each day with my loved ones, I will. I will never get tired of loving, of living in the fullness of joy. I don’t want to drift my life away in the current of this world. I want to stand in the righteousness of God and finally rest in the beauty if His holiness…but not today, not yet.

I guess it’s about time to sleep. Praise God for this wonderful day!

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