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A Pure Heart

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. ~ Psalm 51:10 | NIV

As I spoke before God thru prayer tonight, God started to show my innermost thoughts, my private perceptions, my flaws. He started to show my heart. In the spirit of worship, I diligently asked God for a pure heart. Although countless times I sought God to give me such heart, but not until tonight when I can see all my impurities before my God. I literally crying to God to give me that kind of heart.

Truly, I’m not worthy even to speak before my King, but thru Jesus I can speak freely. I can ask for a pure heart.

Lately, I keep on listening to old song, a Filipino song entitled Dati-rati (what used to be) portraying a backsliding Christian. I even put into ‘repeat loop’ so I can listen uninterruptedly. I don’t know the reason though it’s weird enough. Now I know. God wants to impress to me how He wants me (so is all of us) to be aware how to safeguard our faith and not slip away from His presence. We have to seek for a pure heart.

Now I play ‘A Pure Heart’ by Rusty Nelson (feat. Hosanna Integrity Music).

A pure heart

That’s what I long for

A heart that follows hard ater Thee

A heart that hides Your Word

So the sin will not come in

A heart that’s undivided

But one You rule and reign

A heart that beats compassion

That pleases You my Lord

A sweet aroma of worship

That rises to Your throne.

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