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The Chase for my Lost Baggage

I have to fly in our office in Abu Dhabi for a team-building event. I’m a bit excited, seldom I experience business travel across UAE. It’s pamper time!

My morning flight is cancelled, so I have to report to our office in Doha whilel waiting for my afternoon flight. It’s too early to be upset after all. I have to travel to Abu Dhabi via Oman. It’s A rather long travel time including 4 hours of waiting for my next flight. Nonetheless, this discomfort isnkt too much to bear compare to peerks of relaxing away from work and indulging in the spirit of teamwork 🙂

When I’m checking in my luggage, the ground stewardess briefed me that I can claim my luggage in Oman. I casually nod, having no idea of the next event that will take place shortly.

It’s a short flight to Oman, where I will board towards Abu Dhabi. Upon reaching Abu Dhabi, I found out that my luggage never made it out of Oman Airport. A moment of panic ran thru my veins. This can’t be happening to me, not this time! After few seconds, I pull myself together and calmly asked for contact numbers in Oman airport that I can talk to. I bought a local sim and tried to contact the numbers, to no avail. I headed back to ground stewardess who obviously had enough on that day – her patience is running out. I decided to call it a day and go to my hotel, it’s 10:00pm already anyway.

At least I managed to buy kinder toy for my son.

Upon reaching Centro hotel, I hurriedly settled my carry-on bag and dashed for a cab. I instructed him to drop me in Carrefour, a local departmrnt store. I have to purchase hygienic items and my shirt to wear the next day, including socks and underwear. As if nature is playing with the trouble I am into, the driver misheard me! He thought we’re going to corniche! After 10minutes, I broke my silence and in my frustration, I asked him to drop me to the nearest department store we can find. I paid hefty price for the ride, and have to jostle my way in the store. It’s 11:00pm.

I went back to hotel shortly. Exhaustion is an understatement. I’m drained. Need to sleep.

Team-building went well. We even allowed to walk on the beach while discussing commercial topics. Truly I learned a lot in the most enjoyable way possible. I tried to call Oman airport, but no one is picking up. I shared my experience with my colleagues and I found out that one of them experienced the ordeal I am dealing with. She advised me to log a complaint upon reaching Doha.

Commercial team!

It’s time for me to head home. As I’m checking in, I promised myself not to bring a check-in luggage anymore, especially for short flight as such. Lesson learned.

I thought I had enough sufferings already. Then I lost my phone on the plane. I realized that after passing thru immigration. Since I cannot come back (i was cleared on the scanner), I asked the police for assistance. You know you’re panicking when all thoughts are rushing in your head. Once again, I have to calm myself and seek for the most rational approach on dealing with it. Police advised me to look for Information Table and ask their help in tracking down the plane’s next flight. Radio message is transmitted, then a series of radio communication flooded the room. Finally, they located the plane – it will take off in the next hour! I found myself chasing my phone, with my lost luggage in my next to-do task.

I finally managed to speak with the ground steward, and ultimately able to hold my phone once again. The feeling is very fulfilling!

Upon (finally) reaching Doha, I filed a complaint. I was advised to come back on the evening. It’s 4:00am and I long for my bed.

I finally able to claim my luggage that night.


I should’ve brought my carry-on for a day trip, and never ever trust that everything will happen as expected. Murphy’s law is lurking in the corner.

Praise God for presence of mind. God is good, all the time.

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