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Road to Soulwinning

Rom 10:15    And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”

Today, with a cheerful heart, I invited three beautiful souls for divine service. It’s not about bragging the statistics, I actually prefer to have a deeper relationship with them. It’s just that I’m being convicted to invite them.

I will keep on praying for them, that God in His marvelous way move mightily on their lives. It’s not about converting into new spiritual affiliation, it’s about bringing them closer to God. It’s not about the external, it’s the transformation of life for God’s glory.

I’m not sure what lies ahead. I’m full of hope, a bit anxious. It’s not easy to represent the God that you serve but worth the effort. I’m not looking forward to bring them to church, it’s just my icebreaker (not always applicable). My heart’s desire is to bring them closer to God. And for them to allow God to change their lives from glory to glory.


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Just Another Day…

I went home around 9:00pm. Took off my shoes, laid down on my bed, grabbed my iPad and started to get lost on my virtual world. An hour passed by, then I knew I have to get up and fix myself to sleep.

Whew! Another busy day well-spent. I feel my body begging for sleep, but I’m hanging for few more moments. I have to write it down, lest I will forget.

I just realized how happy I am. How blessed I am to be surrounded with friends that hang out with me whether I’m in abundance or in scarce. I’m happy that I reached the point in my life that I just don’t care what other people with thnk of me as long as I’m not doing something stupid… I admit I can still feel that pressing the “❤️” in my friend’s fb posts/stories makes me cringe – they might be thinking I’m some kind of a creep… ooppss, I have to stop overthinking. As one of my friend once told me “stop too much thinking my friend!” Sigh! Can’t help it sometimes!

I thank God for the breath of life. I want to die old. I want to see my grandson, I want to see my son grow in love and faithfulness. I desire to grow old with my wife. If I can have a power to relive each day with my loved ones, I will. I will never get tired of loving, of living in the fullness of joy. I don’t want to drift my life away in the current of this world. I want to stand in the righteousness of God and finally rest in the beauty if His holiness…but not today, not yet.

I guess it’s about time to sleep. Praise God for this wonderful day!


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Moses and the Burning Bush

2 There the angel of the Lord appeared to him in flames of fire from within a bush. Moses saw that though the bush was on fire it did not burn up. 3 So Moses thought, “I will go over and see this strange sight—why the bush does not burn up.” ~ Exo. 3:2-3

Have you ever wonder whether you are living a life God called you to live?

We all go through this challenge – an identity crisis if we have to label it. Looking with the life of Moses, he might be asking God about the uncertainty of his life. Being a fugitive must be a humbling or rather embarrasing experience, far from his former life as a next heir to the Pharaoh’s seat. But God is not finished with him yet.

Studying deeper, we witnessed the same scenario with valiant men of God: Gideon, Jacob, Saul (Paul) to name a few.

  • Gideon: once considered a coward, after an angel encounter, led his clan into redemption from the hands of the medianites (freedom!).
  • Jacob: once considered as a deceiver, after wrestling with an angel of the Lord, became Israel.
  • Saul: once considered as the punisher by advocating execution of christians, after the ‘road to Damascus’ experience, became Paul – a most notable christian apostle ever lived.

Reflecting on the lives of these mighty men of God, we note that there’s a turning point in their respective life when God intervened to align them to His purpose in their lives – usually far from what everyone (or even themselves) considered based on their track records. Scholars coined this as a ‘significant one.’ They’re the significant ones. And one factor is constant: God caught their attention.

Whenever we are experiencing unusual trials and afflictions, or blessed beyond measure, let’s immerse ourselves in a spirit of worship. God might be catching our attention! We might be calling by our significant God for a significant purpose – we might be that significant one.

God bless you always.


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A Pure Heart

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. ~ Psalm 51:10 | NIV

As I spoke before God thru prayer tonight, God started to show my innermost thoughts, my private perceptions, my flaws. He started to show my heart. In the spirit of worship, I diligently asked God for a pure heart. Although countless times I sought God to give me such heart, but not until tonight when I can see all my impurities before my God. I literally crying to God to give me that kind of heart.

Truly, I’m not worthy even to speak before my King, but thru Jesus I can speak freely. I can ask for a pure heart.

Lately, I keep on listening to old song, a Filipino song entitled Dati-rati (what used to be) portraying a backsliding Christian. I even put into ‘repeat loop’ so I can listen uninterruptedly. I don’t know the reason though it’s weird enough. Now I know. God wants to impress to me how He wants me (so is all of us) to be aware how to safeguard our faith and not slip away from His presence. We have to seek for a pure heart.

Now I play ‘A Pure Heart’ by Rusty Nelson (feat. Hosanna Integrity Music).

A pure heart

That’s what I long for

A heart that follows hard ater Thee

A heart that hides Your Word

So the sin will not come in

A heart that’s undivided

But one You rule and reign

A heart that beats compassion

That pleases You my Lord

A sweet aroma of worship

That rises to Your throne.

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Maligayang Kaarawan Tatay

Note: This post is roughly translated to English for non-tagalog viewers, if there’s any 🙂

Sa aming tatay na linggo-linggo nag uuwi ng chico, mansanas, at orange nung maliliit pa kami (nag work sa manila,lingguhan ang uwi,minsan pagitan isang linggo). To our father who’d weekly brought home box of chico, apple, and orange fruit while we were young (he’s working in Manila, going home in a weekly/biweekly basis)

Sa ‘Saturn’ robot na niregalo sa akin nung 7th bday ko (ung robot may TV sa dibdib) apatnaraan daw un eka (mahal na un way back 1990). For ‘Saturn’ robot you gave as a gift for my 7th b’day ~the kind of robot with TV in front. I bet that was 400pesos (it was expensive already way back 1990).

Sa pagbili natin ng pandesal 5:30am tuwing linggo, pasan pasan mo ko. Palagi ko tinatanong sa yo ung malaking kabibe malapit kina dysico 🙂 Pilit kong sinasabi na bato yun, kabibe yun kamo hehe. For every morning stroll at 5:30am to buy hot bread. I always argue with you that the huge seashell is a rock, in which you always rebut with a claim that ‘that’ is actually a shell.

Sa panonood namin ng sine, dalawa lang kami, taz kumain ng lomi after. Natatandaan ko walang lomi sa Frankbelle’s (restobar) that time kasi may binaril na pulis, kaya sa iba na lang tayo bumili. For watching in cinema, just the two of us, followed by eating ‘lomi’ (a local noodles delicacy). I remember we were not able to buy on Frankbelle’s Restaurant because a policeman was gunned down that night.

Ako Sa Kaliwa(Me on the Left), anak ko naman yang nasa kanan (My son on the Right)

Sa paglagay sa wallet mo ng larawan ko nung grade six ako, hanggang ngayon nasa wallet mo yan sigurado ako. Ramdan ko ang halaga sa yo nian. Gwapo din ako dyan gaya mo. Sabi ng anak ko mas gwapo daw sya sa akin. Sabi ko rin sa yo mas gwapo ako, pero parang naririnig kong sinasabi mong “ako pa rin ang original!” Ipagpapatuloy ng apo mo ang debateng yan haha! For keeping my elementary graduation photo in your wallet at all times, I’m sure until now you’re still keeping it. I know how valuable it is to you. I’m also handsome on that photo, just like you – i keep saying. My son claims that he’s more handsome than me. I also say the same remarks to you. Then you declare: “I’m still the original!” Your grandson will continue that debate!

Sa pagpasok sa akin sa construction nung grade 6 ako, sa sibuyasan, sa pagpapasuot ng safety shoes nung first yr pa ako para magselyo sa LPG sa 10-wheeler truck (halos 600+ yata tangke un!) sarap ng byahe natin sa Pampanga. Sa paggawa natin ng UP Baguio annex building nung college ako. Ang nakikita ko lang ay sarap ng experience at sweldo. Nde ko namamalayan na paraan mo yun para magsumikap ako, salamat sa pagpapaintindi sa akin na hindi madali ang mamuhay sa mundo. Invaluable lesson ito. For having me work as a laborer in a contruction projects when I was in Grade 6, on transporting sacks of onions, for having me wear a safety shoes on my First Year High School to seal LPG tanks being refilled and loaded on a 10-wheeler truck (approx. 600+ tanks, i bet!), we had exciting early morning rides en route Pampanga. For our construction of UP Baguio Annex Building when I was in college. My focus that time is the thrill of experience and monies, I’m not aware that it’s your way of teaching me how to persevere in life, thank you for allowing me to realize that it’s not easy to live in this world. Such invaluable lesson.

Yung pagyakap mo nung grumadweyt ako ng hayskul. Ganun yung yakap mo kapag lasing ka hehe, la kang sinasabi basta yakap mo lang ako. Ganun din ang yakap mo nung hinatid nio ako sa airport minsan. Ngayong tatay na rin ako tsaka ko naramdaman ang kahulugan nun – kapag yakap ko na ang anak ko. Salamat. Your embrace when I graduated in high school.. The same embrace when you’re drunk hehe. You never say a word… just embrace. That’s the same embrace when you drove me to the airport once. Now that I’m also a father had I felt it’s meaning – when I’m hugging my son. Thank you.

Sa pagsasabi na “okey lang yun anak” nung natutulala ako pagkatapos akong mahold up sa del pilar extension. For the word of assurance saying “It’ll be ok, son” when I was on state of shock after an unfortunate hold-up experience in del pilar extension (a narrow street couple of blocks away from our vicinity).

Sa pagdalaw nio ni dandan sa amin nung bagyong Santi para kamustahin ang aming kalagayan. Wala kasi kuryente at celfone comm nuon. For visiting with Dandan (my younger brother) our place when we were devastated by typhoon Santi to be assured that we’re safe. Electrical power is down that time, so is phone communication.

Sa patuloy na pagbibigay sa akin ng lakas ng loob. Ikaw ang nakakadama ng mga pinagdaraanan ko na pilit kong itinatago tuwing magkakausap tayo. Sabi mo ngumiti lang ako at ayaw mong makita akong nalulungkot. For continuously giving me courage. You always feel when I’m having rough days which I unsuccesfully hide From you everytime we talk. You told me to just smile, and you don’t want to see me sad.

Salamat tay sa lahat ng sakripisyo, paggabay, at pagmamahal. Narito kami sa aming kalagayan dahil sa paghubog ninyo sa amin. Thank you father for all your sacrifices, guidance, and love. We’re in our present stature because of your way of molding on each one of us.

Mahal na mahal kita. Mahal na mahal ka naming magkakapatid, kasama si nanay. Ang pamilyang binubuo ko ay naaayon sa simpleng pamilyang nakagisnan ko. Dalangin ko ang kalusugan at tagumpay sa bawat araw. I love you. I love you with my siblings, with mom. The family I’m building is patterned to simple family I’d grown with. I pray for your health and success each day.

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Let the Journey Continue…

Series of events are happening lately, and these are happening so fast I can’t keep up. Sometimes the introvertness inside me is kicking in. Life is full of surprises, and I’m in for a treat!

I’m not physically at my best lately, I’ll post the reason why by next two weeks.

Today I’ve got my site an update, got my own domain which is awesome! It’s a blogger’s dream to have a, makes a site more presentable. Let’s see if it yield any result. I’m genuinely happy.

Personally, I can’t complain.

All the forces in the universe are working together on my favor so I can reach my personal legend ~ paraphrased from Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist

I have high hopes, I had a share of happiness and moments of doubts. It will just get better on time, it always will.

Thank you for sharing with my happiness.

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Deprived, suppressed, exhausted, wasted

Clinging for ounce of strength being mustered

With this journey I’d lovingly invested

Don’t pull me away, I’m just getting started.

My heart is out of shape and I’m out of place

Frustratingly beating myself, advancing my phase

Strategize, prepare, attack, withdraw, back to board game… the battle is intensed

I believe at the end of this ordeal, these will all make sense.

One day, I will look on my mirror with triumphant smile

My younger self will thank me, each effort had been worthwhile

Before I lay down and ultimately shut my eyes into final sleep

I knew I’ll leave a legacy, significant for my son to keep

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Come, now is the time to worship

“A song of ascents. Of David. I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD.” Psalm 122:1 (niv)

I just had a conversation with my flatmate as we cook each other’s dinner. He arrived in Qatar under spouse’ sponsorship. His wife is working as a nurse if I’m not mistaken. As we carry on with our conversation, I felt an urge to share Jesus. It’s Easter after all. Out of nowhere (before I can open the topic), he inquired about the church I’m attending. I took the opportunity to introduce Jesus… and that we are a non-denominational church. I even encouraged him that if he feel he will grow in his current spiritual affiliation (catholic) then he should stay. God is in the business of changing lives, not promoting religion. I ended up inviting him for a church service, and I went s bit far by inviting him to bible study as well.

Little did he knew that I started praying for him (for my whole flatmates actually) around two weeks back. That’s conviction of the holy spirit. I pray that God will continue to convict him in obedience. I desire nothing but God’s favor in his life. That favor works for me, why won’t with him, right?

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Easter Hype

I had a rather overwhelming exposure with celebration of Easter this year, from social media to … er’ just social media. I can’t expect Qatar as a Islamic state to take part on Christian events such as Easter anyway. Ironically, Christmas is being observed in shopping malls, hotels, and airport. Seeing a 10ft christmas tree is a common sight.

I bet statistically, people nowadays are much more aware of Christ’ sacrifice. I could name a person or two who religiously watch Passion of Christ and The Ten Commandments during lenten season. Facebooke memes are temporarily sidelined, replaced by Easter-themed messages. Personally, that’s good news. We don’t have to explain the significance of the cross as an ultimate sacrifice. I am encouraged.

Then a realization struck me. Now that people are more aware and appreciating Christ’ atonement, how far are they willing to go? Will it change their usual walk to be righteous in the eyes of God? Will they turn away from sins?

Christ did His part, let’s do ours. Let’s seek His will and purpose in our lives. Desire intimate relationship with God, lest this will settle into a hype that stirs us in repentance every year only to come back a day after like nothing significant happened.

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…and the winner is…

Our company launched new HR software, and announced a contest to encourage us to fill in as much information as possible. There will be an iPad winner for each division. Currently we have 5 divisions worldwide.

Guess what.. i bagged the iPad representing Middle East & India. Praise God!

I even allowed to write a two-paragraph essay on how I recommend our new software with my colleagues. Well, writing helps 😄

This award somehow encouraged me to write on my blogs 😄

Thank you for sharing with my happiness.

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The Fault in Our Stars

Author: John Green

So, do I have to fly to Indiana to find out what happened to Hazel? For the kind attention of John Green [hashtag: van houten!]

I actually ‘saw’ early part of the movie adaptation with the same title, but got bored and discontinued watching. I guess it’s not too late to repent then. I have to watch it, attentively this time.

This tragic love story between two hearts a la Romeo & Juliet brought me in a new awareness of seeing life on their perspective. I mean, it’s not hard to show your sympathy with sick friends and then completely forget about them and carry our own lives. People don’t want our pity, they deserve more than that. They want to be treated genuinely not because of their health state. i can’t agree more on the saying that we fight our own battle, let’s be patient with one another.

I might be in the wrong section! 😅 I’m supposed to just have a review, but got lost in the process. That’s how powerful this novel is, or is it just me? It’s for you to find out dear.

Eveyime I reflect on a book i just read, I can’t help but to think the author’s association with persons suffering from big ‘C’. Surely, he must’ve some source of inspiration so to speak. When you started to have a feel for the characters, you knew you are into it.

Moving, inspiring, offer hope not to live longer but to live each day more infinite than the intended infinite for what it’s worth – now I’m paraphrasing a quote on the book itself!

This is not your usual mentor book. It’s an inspirational book. I call it a contemporary equivalent of a Purpose-Driven Life.


Update: funny coincidence.

I am visiting my friend in a hospital today and it happened that the movie flashed in tv screen is, guess what.. The Fault in our Stars 🙂

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The Widow

Author: Fiona Barton

I’m not a fan of investigative journalism. Thus, I’m not intrested to read such genre. However, curiosity overtook my preference and indulged into reading this book – I guess the teaser served its purpose.

The death of the suspect Glen on the crime of child molestation/murder closed the case. It’s up to the wife Jean to disclose if she is aware of Glen’s involvement on the crime. She might knew, or might be clueless. Throughout the novel, the grim reality of pedophilia is portrayed. We even visited the case in Glen’s perspective. This novel is moving, especially if you have a baby girl.

I’m not sure if there’s a motion picture out of this novel, I will definitely watch it given half a chance.