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Winter No More

I’m a bit surprised to see droplets of rain in our frontyard upon emerging out of our flat. I saw in my widget last night that the probability of rain is just 10%. Well, we can’t underestimate the weather.

Winter in Qatar usually runs from november to january – february at most. But it’s almost the end of March, and only now that it rains – an indication of weather shift.

I’m enjoying a cool morning breeze before it’s gone 🙂

Stay safe everyone!

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#29 Dad, Why Are You Not Here?

Dear Dad,

We went to shopping mall today to buy clothes for Ate Yza’s 7th birthday. Mom was so preoccupied with choosing the best clothes for me that she forgot to buy me a toy as she promised.

me with mom

As I reminded her when we reached home, mom felt sorry for me and assured me that we will buy next time. I said “we will buy with daddy?” She said no because you will not go home yet. I asked “why then?” She said because you are working there in Qatar to earn, so that I’ll be able to go to shopping mall to buy toys. I asked when you will come back, she said in two months. I helplessly asked “how long is two months?” She paused, realizing that I’m actually missing you… your presence. She said it won’t be long. I asked “when Dad go home, will he be here for a long time?” She said “yes” and for no reason, she hugged me.

Dad, you’ve been in iPad long enough, come home already. I can’t fully understand mom’s reasoning. All I feel is a little bit of longingness to see you. I want to play with you, to sing with you, to dance with you. I’m bigboy na. I can’t wait to see you in the next two months.

Why can’t you stay here like other dad?

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#28 First Graduation March

Dear Dad,

Today, I marched for graduation in Day Care. I’m happy to carry my certificate! How I wish you were here this morning. I’m happy and anxious at the same time while mom and I march to receive my certificate – especially when I heard an announcement: “Soriano… Paul, Aldaen, B.”

I’m sure I made you proud! I pray next time I march, you are there to witness.