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Gian Turns 1!

It’s an honor to be selected as one of the godparents of Gian, being a closed friend of my colleague Anna. He is offered to our Lord thru baptism on 21st of December, and party is set the next day with Hawaian theme.

I threw a party for my son once, thus I knew the feeling. The excitement of the event and the anxiety of “what if’s” surely hover in their mind as time pass by. Before we knew it, big day is here so let’s get the party started!

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Life as we know it

When life turn its clock on your favor, you can’t help but be grateful of each sweet opportunity in the table. Truly the end will justify the pain it took to get you here where you want to be. Allow me to share with you God’s plan unveiling right before my eyes.

Character development

Gone are the days when I’m seeking my purpose and identity. As stated in the last verse of the preacher, we’ve got to love God and fear His commandments. This is the entire duty of men. I can live with that. As God’s love strenghtens me in season and out of season, so is the realization that all things work together purposely (matt.8:28). Contrary to a notion (in which I believe) that life is cruel, it seems that all forces of elements are working in my favor. Being an overthinker, it’s my constant worry of regretting living the life I shouldn’t had, or missed the life God designed me to live. God is so keen to remind me about worrying. I can say with a smile in my face that this life is what God designed me to live (if I’m not mistaken haha). I learned not to dwell in my past. Inasmuch as I desire to connect with those who once been my close buddies in my early twenties, I realized that I have to let them go – they’re not coming back. This is one of the concept in life that is not meant to be understood, but to be accepted. Instead, I learned to focus my energy in new acquaintances. Living the present. If buddies from my early years connect with me, I’ll welcome them with arms wide open.


Our siblings came into maturity of our relationship wherein we set aside our differences (it’s not easy) and seize the moment together as time and commitments permit. There are times when major issues need to be mutually agreed to avoid potential conflicts – we don’t want any drama, been there, done that. I’m investing to have quality time with my parents and siblings. If there’s a positive trait in me, I can say it’s the persistency. I’ll keep pounding in to connect, gonna wear down the walls eventually.

There’s always room for improvement with regards to my relationship with my wife. In our seven years of marriage, much more to learn and to live with. I can’t see myself living my life apart from my wife and son. I hate the standard of living our society is injecting in our mindset. Infidelity and insecurities are words I don’t want to associate in our marriage. The norms nowadays are not normal at all! As for me, I chose to set my full affection and focus with my wife and son. The beauty of it is that it’s never enough, but we can enjoy what life has to offer. It’s like steadfast love of the Lord, never ceases. They are new every morning (quoted from Don Moen’s song).


When it rain, it pours. My hardwork (coupled with smart move of staying low profile hehe) finally paid off, details below:

  • Recipient of employee of the year twice (2008,2017)
  • Transferred to sister company, new working environment
  • My salary increased. An answered prayer.
  • As a bonus, our company awarded me a brand new iPad as a prize to the contest I participated. Yey!

It’s a wise saying that behind every man’s success is a woman. Fully agree on this. While I’m busy in the corporate world, my wife is filling in her prayer list and crossing out answered prayers with thanksgiving. Happy wife, happy life indeed.

Thank you for sharing with my happiness.