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Sharing with my Son’s Happiness some 7k+ Distance Away

My son just turned 4 this year. Being away from my family as an expat, I took comfort on sharing with his happiness the best that I can – thru webchat.

See below how far away we are from each other 😅


You were very young back then


And of course I posted online thru facebook, which garnered hundred reactions. For someone who seldom communicate in facebook, it’s a viral post for me haha.


Roughly translated:

I always whisper to you everytime we part ways, few hours before I fly to Qatar, for you to be a good boy always, and keep loving mom. I knew you don’t understand these yet, nonetheless, I’m happy leaving these messages to you. I also keep saying that daddy loves you so much.

Son, happy birthday! I may not always be around on important days of your life like this, always remember that there’s one daddy far away feeling homesicked haha. When I go home, I’ll bring lots of egg surprise, water baloons, out-of-towns, and of course we will indulge into eating. I missed feasting with you. Enjoy your birthday son, always pray, kiss mommy for me.

Thank you for sharing with my happiness.



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