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The Journey of Life

It’s a usual hard day’s night. After chatting with my wife and son, I randomly watch videos in YouTube to pass time. After jumping from one channel to another, my attention is drawn on ‘sugod-bahay’ channel. It’s a segment in noontime show in the Philippines “eat bulaga”. There are three videos that I watched consecutively and all are equally tear-jerky. I must be homesicked!

  1. Joana – beloved daughter of mentally challenged mom
  2. Roniel – 9yr old child missin’ his 5yr old brother who never saw for one year
  3. Lorena – a struggling wife having lost their two children (first in 2011 and second in 2012) then her husband was electrocuted but miraculously survived.

As I watch each episode, tears are rolling out. I can relate one way or another. It’s not hypothetical, I’ve been there one way or another. The beauty of journey of life is that everyone is fighting each own battle. I am not going to spoil the fun of watching these videos, feel free to reflect the scenarios with your own journey.

Growing up, I thought my struggle in life is dealing with other people. When I was a teenager, I struggle to express my freedom, along with seeking my own identity and walk of life. It’s a crossroad for me. Information overload, pressure to please the norm. On my twenties, my struggle is financial freedom (was a breadwinner) against my dream to finish my study. Of course I can only choose either of the two – law of tradeoff. During these years, I’d dealt with toxic, narrow-minded people that I have to leave behind. Here in my thirties, I realized that it’s not about me against the world. I am not the deprived, the underdog. I am actually in constant battle with myself, with my own standard. Come to think of it: if I choose to do wrong, no one will stop me unless it’s criminal offense. Works the other way around, if I choose to do right, who cares? Here in my thirties I am starting to perfect my craft of not giving a f*ck. There’s a short book about it, read 🙂

I am not removing the “God factor” in the equation. My principle in life is I rather believe God and found out that there isn’t rather than refuse to believe and found out there is. After all, this faith thing keeps my morale standard acceptable – to my scale of righteousness at least. This faith doesn’t slow me down, rather giving me inner peace.

After watching these episodes, I was reminded of my moral obligation to be kind and understand that we all experience these trials. I am asking myself when is the last time I gave encouraging advice to a friend? When did I actually helped?

Let’s keep our journey exciting by lending a hand to a friend, after all we’re travelling on the same road: different path, various terrain – destination yet to be known. I pray that when I am in the end of my journey, there’ll be no regret instead a sense of fulfillment knowing that once we crossed our path and left a mark of a friend before we part ways to continue our journey.

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Sharing with my Son’s Happiness some 7k+ Distance Away

My son just turned 4 this year. Being away from my family as an expat, I took comfort on sharing with his happiness the best that I can – thru webchat.

See below how far away we are from each other 😅


You were very young back then


And of course I posted online thru facebook, which garnered hundred reactions. For someone who seldom communicate in facebook, it’s a viral post for me haha.


Roughly translated:

I always whisper to you everytime we part ways, few hours before I fly to Qatar, for you to be a good boy always, and keep loving mom. I knew you don’t understand these yet, nonetheless, I’m happy leaving these messages to you. I also keep saying that daddy loves you so much.

Son, happy birthday! I may not always be around on important days of your life like this, always remember that there’s one daddy far away feeling homesicked haha. When I go home, I’ll bring lots of egg surprise, water baloons, out-of-towns, and of course we will indulge into eating. I missed feasting with you. Enjoy your birthday son, always pray, kiss mommy for me.

Thank you for sharing with my happiness.