Cry Me A River

For the past few days, I feel emotionally vulnerable. I knew homesickness is kicking again. It’ll be a matter of time before I snap and hug my cold pillow to sleep – soaking with tears. Tonight, it just happened.

I’m watching youtube videos when I stumbled into a momshie’s channel (American Mom if I’m not mistaken, I’ll paste the link, just have little time to edit at the moment). She was requested to watch jollibee commercials specially made for valentines day (I think it was aired 3 years ago and I cried a lot the first time I watched).

American Mum Channel

I watched one more channel, and emotions continue to flow.

Kim Enson

Lying on my bed in the corner of our room (I’m sharing with one of my colleague), I have to cry silent tears realizing what I have missing way back home. Watching my wife sleeping silently beside me, waking her up with my embrace, fetching my son to school, playing with him and be a dad spending quality time with each other, guide him as he grow, praying and serving God together as one family, travel together, dreaming with my wife about our son’s future… These are just few moments I can think of that we’re being deprived of.

One day, all the power of the universe will transpire so I can pursue my own Personal Legend (the Alchemist) 🙂

By Albert Soriano

Feel free to drop PM to or in Twitter @bert_sharie

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