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Cry Me A River

For the past few days, I feel emotionally vulnerable. I knew homesickness is kicking again. It’ll be a matter of time before I snap and hug my cold pillow to sleep – soaking with tears. Tonight, it just happened. I’m watching youtube videos when I stumbled into a momshie’s channel (American Mom if I’m not … Continue reading

#0026 – First Flight

Dear dad, One day I’m watching Ryan (in his youtube channel Ryan Toys Review) and being fascinated on travelling via plane. Never did I knew that you and mom are planning a pre-birthday present for me! Thank you dad for this gift of travel – a journey so to speak. Mom and I along with … Continue reading

Social Media Cleansing

Interactions on social media network is fun, quick, and efficient. However, stress arises due to massive crowd reading and replying with out posts/comments. I’m not a public figure but I can feel them. Many times I find myself in a scenario wherein I have to explain myself to be understood while taking a stand to … Continue reading