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Eggs Explode in Microwave Oven

So I have one colleague who brought back here in Qatar a dozen of balut, an aborted duck embryo – a pinoy delicacy. Yum!

I heated one in a cup of hot water. I’m in for a treat!

Picking up another egg, I decided to heat it in an oven. I want a hot egg, not a warm one. So i removed the balut in its shell, put it into a microwave-friendly tupperware, and slid into the oven – setting the clock into 30seconds. After the timer, a loud bang exploded as I pressed open the oven! It’s so loud that I startled and my heartbeat spiked within a split second. Then the balut shattered into pieces – the largest one is the size of a patani.

So I did some cleaning of oven. Contemplating about it, I hypothesized that because I put the lid closed might’ve caused the explosion. After cleaning the aftermath, I decided to search the internet about it. To my surprise, I’m not the only one 😊 Numerous cases of egg explosion was recorded due to heat buildup of protein on egg yoke. That’s making sense now.

I still grieve over the second balut.

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#0025 – My First Day in School

Dear Dad,

“Daddy, mag-s-school na ‘ko!”

I’m very excited to bring you the news when we chatted yesterday. I’m looking forward for this day. Mom told me that school is a very special place where I can learn along with other kids.

Haven’t got a chance to talk earlier today, as we are busy preparing for school. Mom took few snapshots and videos of me for you to look into (and be admired – kiddin’).

The room was full of children my age, and Ma’am Mimi looks so cool. She told us not to make her angry or else her eyes will grow big. Nobody wants to mess with a teacher with supersized eyes right? We were asked to stand up, raise our hands, and shake. I’m good in following instructions, dad. We did some clay-dough molding.

Every mom/guardian was then instructed to go outside. Other kids start to cry, I did not. I wasn’t surprised at all because Mom told me ahead of time, she must’ve got a knack on outsmarting my teacher 🙂

Ma’am Mimi’s feedback is that I am very good – I don’t speak, and stayed on my sit. After all, I am just acting upon as told. One time, my classmate asked a piece of mold, so I gave him. I never took my eyes off the mold. As soon as he finished with it, I immediately grabbed it back and put in its container before he can protest 🙂

Tomorrow, we will come back to school. I’ll tell my name, am a bit nervous. Mom and I are rehearsing countlessly… “My name is Paul, Aldaen, Soriano!” So this is a stage fright.

Dad, we are supposed to eat vegetables! I only like seaweeds, but I need to obey.

I wish you are here.