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Dear dad

#0023 – Daddy it hurts

Dear Dad,

How will I start? One moment I’m enjoying swimming with my cousins, then I found myself crying as you hit me..hard.

Please bear with me. I know you just want to discipline me. You have to understand that being a child, my tantrums are getting on the way and get into your nerves.

I’m not seeing the world as you do. You understand this life as logical as it seems. But I see magic everywhere. Whenever I want something, I just cling to my mom and presto! I’ve got it! Whenever I have a somewhat bad day, bring me to 7/11 and I’ll be fine. Paying a visit i SM is an eyecandy to me. Having touch Jollibee means so much joy to me.

I wish to cause you no trouble. Just be patient. One day, I can fully understand this mysterious world without asking you to stop hitting me. Just bear with me.

Or else, I will call the bantay-bata 163. How about that?

Yours truly,


This is to portray how hurt I feel whenever I hit my son. The bible stated not to keep your staff away from your son. Whenever I have this quiet moments do I realize how sorry I am. I’m sorry son for hurting you. We’re seeing each other once or twice a year and yet I still have a nerve to hit you. Don’t worry, you’ll outgrew those. And we will create happy memories that we will cherish all the days of our lives. I love you, i tearfully and hurtfully missin’ you.

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