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#0024 – First Time Crossing the Hanging Bridge

Ang Mag-amang Malululain.

Napaglakad ko ang aking anak sa hanging bridge basta hawak ko ang kamay niya. Hindi siya natatakot, little did he knew na medyo nahihilo na ako, kataas kaya! Libang na libang pa siyang pinagmamasdan ang mga tao at balsa sa ibaba habang nakikipagkwentuhan sa akin. Nandun yung inner peace na basta kasama mo naglalakad ang tatay mo safe ka. Parang kay Lord lang, ginagabayan tayo sa bawat hakbang, magtiwala lang tayo.

Anak, rest assured kaagapay mo kami ng nanay mo sa bawat landas na iyong tatahakin. Mahal na mahal ka namin.

It was May 1, 2018. Few days before I flew off here in Qatar. It’s my persistent request to visit Minalungao, in which I never regret doing. It’s a splendor of nature’s beauty.

Moreover, I have quality time with my son. I’m afraid of heights, so is he. But I found out that being so happy with your loved ones conquer such fear. Old saying says that greater fear conquers lesser fear. That might work, but in our case, it’s the feeling of peace and trust with your loved one beside you that did the trick. My son confidently walked through the hanging bridge suspended by about 20 feet above ground. No hint of nervousness, he actually enjoying the sight below! He said “daddy o, anliit na ng mga tao, mataas na kasi tayo hano?”

Hanging Bridge. A zipline is in parallel, people cross from time to time, while most onlookers wish that they (zipline riders) will drop their GoPro or cellphone-on-selfie-stick

I definitely will treasure this for the rest of my life. And I will keep it a secret that that’s the first time I cross a hanging bridge!

Happy together
More dizzy than tired 🙂
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#0023 – Daddy it hurts

Dear Dad,

How will I start? One moment I’m enjoying swimming with my cousins, then I found myself crying as you hit me..hard.

Please bear with me. I know you just want to discipline me. You have to understand that being a child, my tantrums are getting on the way and get into your nerves.

I’m not seeing the world as you do. You understand this life as logical as it seems. But I see magic everywhere. Whenever I want something, I just cling to my mom and presto! I’ve got it! Whenever I have a somewhat bad day, bring me to 7/11 and I’ll be fine. Paying a visit i SM is an eyecandy to me. Having touch Jollibee means so much joy to me.

I wish to cause you no trouble. Just be patient. One day, I can fully understand this mysterious world without asking you to stop hitting me. Just bear with me.

Or else, I will call the bantay-bata 163. How about that?

Yours truly,


This is to portray how hurt I feel whenever I hit my son. The bible stated not to keep your staff away from your son. Whenever I have this quiet moments do I realize how sorry I am. I’m sorry son for hurting you. We’re seeing each other once or twice a year and yet I still have a nerve to hit you. Don’t worry, you’ll outgrew those. And we will create happy memories that we will cherish all the days of our lives. I love you, i tearfully and hurtfully missin’ you.