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Here Comes Intercompany Basketball League

So our company suddenly woken up from peaceful sleep and decided to let us participate in the basketball league here in Qatar. The game is on!

Being an underdog isn’t new to me. I love to be treated as such and then prove ’em wrong. Here comes the challenge: with fading skillset, slow stamina, and age catchin up on me, I might as well prove otherwise 😂

We have two or three key players, I’m not one of them :). During the game practice this morning, I stumbled twice! Good thing, the court floor is rubberized. My body is slow to react. What can I expect, I’m not playing for how long, 5 years? Every factor is on my disadvantage. What left for me is the willingness to play. I knew it’s not good enough, but when we’re facing the giants we’ve got nothing to lose.

I have six fouls to give anyway 🤣

About Albert Soriano

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One thought on “Here Comes Intercompany Basketball League

  1. Go go go!! Kelan finals? Haha


    Posted by Jai | February 5, 2018, 6:19 am

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