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#0022 – Inside the Mind of My 3 year old Son

Being away from my family robbed me of the opportunity to watch my son on a daily basis. Inspite of this setup, my wife who is my greatest supporter updates me tirelessly. People say and I agree that long-distance relationship is not for everyone. I can even say that God designed a family to be together, because marriage is for companionship. But that’s not always the case. In a situation like this, I trust my wife to fill in the gap. Eventually, I will go home for good but not now, not yet.

My son never failed to amaze me. Every parent feels that way actually.

Lately, my wife told me that he is now experimenting. Whatever he attempts to do, he watches his mother’s reactions. Say, if mom told him not to touch electric wire he would do exactly the opposite. Typical provoking toddler. I’m telling myself that my son is no longer a baby indeed.

My son is fond of watching Peppa Pig on YouTube. He’s picking up few lines like “goodnight” “goodbye” “yeah” “of course”

He’s learning to differentiate actions/terms like:

  • Waving is different from bye-bye. One time when I bid bye-bye and instead of flipping my 4fingers up-and-down, I just waved to-and-from from left to right. He said, “daddy, that’s wrong! You’re waving. This is how to bye-bye (flipping his 4fingers up-and-down). He got that from peppa pig & family.
  • “Goodbye” is when we finish our convo with daddy. “Goodnight” is when we’re going to sleep.

Then he plays with his mom by speaking in English. Convo sounds like this:

A: (do you) like burger?

M: Yes, how about you?

A: yeah.

M: How about spaghetti?

A: yeah.

M: Chickenjoy?

A: yeah.

M: From now on, I will talk to you in english.

A: (long pause..looking straight in the eye with mom, smiling..then..) of course!

For sure he don’t know the meaning of it. He just trying his luck, picking up from convo in Peppa Pig. It works! 🙂

And yes, I call my wife “Boss,” don’t ask 🙂

Just today, they attended a “Youth Convention” to Bulacan, a 2hr drive away. Since his mom is a pastor, he’s tagging along. No one will be left to watch over him, and we are encouraging him to be exposed in the church in his young age. For us, if no one is old enough to seek God, then no one is very young either. After all, it’s about teaching a child the way he should go..

Then just tonight, Aldaen is asking his mom why they don’t do that something in our church. My wife is puzzled, and later on he’s imitating someone that’s speaking in tongue! I mean, for a 3year old toddler, he must be very observant to sink these into his mind. He is being trained and acquainted to ask for any curiosities, and his mom is very attentive.

His mom shared to me that he’s making a cry-face (‘sibi’ in our native tongue tagalog) during the Altar Call. Altar call is the part of the programme wherein the minister is calling everyone that are being convicted to move forward and receive God’s anointing/blessings. In the height of it, people actually cry aloud while some are sobbing silently, while other sing. My son is asking why. Mom is smart enough to tell the truth that they are just praying to God aloud. We trust that he understands, he’s praying each night so he got the idea.

Thank You Lord.

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Book Review: Bullseye

This is one of the bestselling novel by James Patterson with Michael Ledwidge portraying a Detective Michael Bennett thriller.

As the title suggested, the story centers on failed assassination attempt on US president. This involves conspiracies among ranks and sparks controversies between rival countries – which could lead on a next world war.

I love how the authors describe technical specifications of assassin’s choice of weapon. This is what I’m actually after. I also like how the strategies are being laid down.

I just don’t like the ending though. Inasmuch as I appreciate it, I found it unconvincing that the assassin whom you are after in the course of the novel shall be…i have to stop here *spoiler alert*

Actions are fast-paced, political tensions are realistic, and how each scenario connects together is a genius’ work.

I can’t help but visualize Detective Bennett as the guy from tv series 24 😀

This novel is a treat, get yours 😊

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Coping Up with Daily Demands

I’m an organiser, or perhaps the pressure in our workplace forced me to pick myself up and put my gear in the game. Whichever, I’m arriving in the same state of mind – not being satisfied upon hitting the due dates but feeling paranoid always. As if a monster from the manga/movie Death Note (japanese version, the scary one) is lurking in the shadow, persuading me to lose half of my lifetime in exchange with an ability to see the future (only anime lovers will understand, apologies). Notwithstanding, I gained confidence and grasp of real-time demands which save my skin.

Here comes social life. Colleagues and friends want to hangout with me. I envy them because they seem to have all the time in the world to dine, travel here and abroad, and having some fun away from the workplace. I’d read countless articles discussing tips and tricks on how to spend your day 7-5pm in the office and the rest with your personal life. Most are convincing enough, but I almost got fired when I applied those 😂 Naturally, management is not pleased. At the end of the day, it’s a case-to-case basis. I love my job because I love what I am doing. And being productive is self-fulfilling and pleasing to the eyes of the bosssss (plural, pun intended) at the same time more food for my family way back home which is the main reason I’m serving my life sentence here 🤣.

Here comes personal life. I am committed to keep in touch with my wife and son in a daily basis. As a seasoned employee, I managed to be professional enough to avoid chatting during office hours. I understand some may argue: “Will it do harm chatting while working?” I don’t know about the nature of your job, but in the office my gear starts at 7am, and by 8am I am accelerating. And chatting will swerve my focus on the road. Recollecting my thoughts will take 5-10mins, long enough to accomplish one of my tasks. For that reason I opted out. Of course there will be few coffee breaks throughout the day, that’s the time I’m engaging in the conversation. I’m chatting with my wife early morning (lunchtime in the Philippines, 5-hr timezone difference), and after office everyday. Chatting with my family is my most sought-after engagement in a day. There, I’m expressing my love to them and feel genuine compassion from my wife and my son. That’s my charging spot. There’s where my life is. I am living an alternate world in parallel with the actual world: family. Some sort of setup in the movie “The Matrix” to visualize it. Before disconnecting, I’m telling my son “ikaw na magpatay,” (you push the end button) then he complies. Lately, when I’m waving my hand as a gesture to goodbye he told me “daddy, ikaw na magpatay” (Dad, you push the end button). He’s smart, must be my wife’s gene 😋 

How about my me time. I should have, right? Of course! I will not be able to write a post this long (I’m boring you hehe) if I don’t have the time. I have to find time to kneel down and pray, devote and reflect, and if time permits do some exercise. I read books for my mind muscles, do some brisk walking (in the shopping mall mostly), and run for my life everytime dogs in the neighborhood chase me down with an intent to bite whenever i do cardio. I also have a knack on rearranging my room from time to time – an OCD I guess. My roommates casually say “again?” Whenever I shuffle my space. 

Here comes weekend. I’m shying away from work’s demands when it’s my dayoff – it’s called ‘off’ for that very reason. However, submission to clients on the next working day hampers the idea. Thankfully, I can claim overtime pay for that – thank You Lord.

Am I balancing my time? Well, almost. When all the planning and efforts fail and eventually will, it’s an art of dodging the bullet and trusting your guts when your neck is in the line. That’s why there’s Plan B.. to Plan Z if necessary. I usually settle on Plan D because before I can think of Plan E, I need to act. This is how it works: 

Plan A: ideal, low risk, compliant with standards

Plan B: alternative, minimal risk, deviating slightly with the usual practice

Plan C: worse-case scenario, medium risk, still legal 😂

Plan D: worst-case scenario, high risk, who cares? Shoot now, ask later 😎

Plan E: i’m out of the picture, jobless by then 🤣

Thank you for taking time to read, I’m grateful.