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Book Review: Zero Hour

When you’re after a 007-type of action, then you’re in for a treat. This book is basically a rip-off (or inspired/an inspiration) of Liam Neeson’s ‘Taken’ – whichever written first 🙂 I have to say, i managed to finish the book literally 24, hours after purchase. The book is that good! The narration is British, … Continue reading

The Void

A sudden gush of emotion Creeping thru my senses like an apparition Caught me off-guard Wrenching my heart. “All is well, everything’s a’ryt” Empty words, fake smile, a common sight I can deal with everyone but myself.

Meet the Bookworms

Lately I posted about my personal challenge to read novels in paperback. Driven by my childish excitement, I bragged about the book I purchased (as if I already read it hehe) to start my quest. One of our WP blogger momshie Aubrey (i will articulate momshie until the awkwardness fade) suggested The Fault In Our … Continue reading

#0021 – First PuppetChat

Dear Dad, You may wish to pause on #throwingback. Today, I don’t like to chat with you. You have to understand I’m 3 years old now and as I always insist to mom, i’m a bigboy na. But then again, you’re so persistent. You have your ways. From showing me a bunch of surprise eggs … Continue reading

Book Reading… For A Change

As this year pulls its silver lining (metaphor is intended), I’m pondering with something cool to start the next promising year. Then the idea struck me: why don’t I do the book reading marathon? This thought is triggered by nocturnal mom’s post in fb group #TheFaultInOurBlogs. *Shoutout* which is addressed to moms only (how could … Continue reading