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#0018 – First Time in My Dad’s Arms

Dear Dad,

August 19, 2015.

Mom told me you will arrive soon. Finally you’ll be able to come out from iPad! I have no word (literally) to express how I feel. I may look annoyed but deep in my heart I’m bursting with excitement! I’m so happy to finally see you! How do you look like? They said I got your eyes..


I prepared myself. I promised I will not be afraid.

When mom passed me to you, I instinctively clung to her. I did not let go, sorry to disappoint. However, I never took my eyes off on you. I familiarized myself with you. I saw how happy you were seeing me for the first time. Strangely, I felt secured having you around. There’s such inner peace.

We headed out for lunch. Then you reached out once again for me, I did not resisted this time. I can’t explain the feeling. We are both caught up stranded on the nick of time. That magical moment when my father finally wrapping his arms around me and carrying me. This is the fatherly love.

Then you started talking… A lot. Get my mom back, i need to cry.


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