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Coping up with Homesickness

Tell me a person who can honestly say that he/she had overcome homesickness, and I will be needing very badly his/her advice.

There will come a time when tears will just roll down your cheeks without you noticing it, and you’ll feel the pain upon realizing it. Homesickness attack – it is definitely real.

I am a believer of not resisting emotions, to overcome these. I’ve learned that these kind of emotions are meant to stay. You have to feel it. I guess to overcome it, you have to get rid of the factor(s) that triggers. For this respect, I need to go home to eliminate homesickness. This goes with the art of moving on. You have to fill the void. You have to accept the reality of the situation and go on with your life. I’m no expert in love, I broke someone’s heart the first time in the past and live with the pain that brought with it for some time. I eventually moved on but it’s a tough battle to overcome.. it’s a rock-bottom, so to speak.

Back in the day, I knew deep inside I’ve got to find my way out of the setback I am into. Acceptance is the key, that’s what worked in me. I don’t know with you, might’ve have something in your sleeve, care to share?

Going back to homesickness (*wink*), be glad you feel that way. It means you are well-loved, and the emotional attachment is tight. Don’t resist it, acknowledge it instead, and then find a way to keep in touch. It will not extinguish homesickness, but love will work it’s way in your heart and with the other end’s heart. Before you knew it, the beauty of love will know no limits. But of course, don’t talk about money, silly you 🙂

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#0019 – On my First Birthday

Dear Dad,

I’m not gonna lie. I love the party you both threw for me. That was a blast!

The pastor that dedicated me for the Lord is scary though. Is lifting me high and pass me around necessary? 🙂

These precious moments are quickly turning into memories. I am so happy that we create these moments. I will grow each day, but i will never outgrew these moments – seems like yesterday to me.

I’m looking forward on having a great childhood days. Way to go!

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#0018 – First Time in My Dad’s Arms

Dear Dad,

August 19, 2015.

Mom told me you will arrive soon. Finally you’ll be able to come out from iPad! I have no word (literally) to express how I feel. I may look annoyed but deep in my heart I’m bursting with excitement! I’m so happy to finally see you! How do you look like? They said I got your eyes..


I prepared myself. I promised I will not be afraid.

When mom passed me to you, I instinctively clung to her. I did not let go, sorry to disappoint. However, I never took my eyes off on you. I familiarized myself with you. I saw how happy you were seeing me for the first time. Strangely, I felt secured having you around. There’s such inner peace.

We headed out for lunch. Then you reached out once again for me, I did not resisted this time. I can’t explain the feeling. We are both caught up stranded on the nick of time. That magical moment when my father finally wrapping his arms around me and carrying me. This is the fatherly love.

Then you started talking… A lot. Get my mom back, i need to cry.