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Coping up with Homesickness

Tell me a person who can honestly say that he/she had overcome homesickness, and I will be needing very badly his/her advice. There will come a time when tears will just roll down your cheeks without you noticing it, and you’ll feel the pain upon realizing it. Homesickness attack – it is definitely real. I … Continue reading

#0020 – My First Stroll with Dad

Dear dad, One day you will look back to this video and smile.

#0019 – On my First Birthday

Dear Dad, I’m not gonna lie. I love the party you both threw for me. That was a blast! The pastor that dedicated me for the Lord is scary though. Is lifting me high and pass me around necessary? 🙂 These precious moments are quickly turning into memories. I am so happy that we create … Continue reading

#0018 – First Time in My Dad’s Arms

Dear Dad, August 19, 2015. Mom told me you will arrive soon. Finally you’ll be able to come out from iPad! I have no word (literally) to express how I feel. I may look annoyed but deep in my heart I’m bursting with excitement! I’m so happy to finally see you! How do you look … Continue reading