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The moment when you feel so happy being with your loved ones, then it’s about time to part ways because well, obviously have to work.

This geographical separation isn’t ideal. You’ve got to have such mental toughness and tender heart to weather the storm. If there’s one lesson I’ve learned is that I can’t do it by myself. I need my wife to support me all the way. I am solid within but without her by my side, I’ll snap and crumble in no time.

I’m ready for another ride. However, I have to help my son face this separation as light as possible. At 3 years of age, he is well-attached to me. After a year of longingness, i will never pass an opportunity to make him feel that he indeed has a father. So I promised him that I will go to far land called Qatar to buy him surprise eggs, lots of those. Well, it’s something to look forward to! So everytime they pray at night, he adds ‘ingatan Mo po si daddy na nasa malayo…na bibili ng surprise eggs.’ [(Lord), take care of daddy, he will buy surprise eggs]. My heart breaks of the thought of being away from ’em, and is being gently touched upon hearing these words from my son.

Don’t worry son. Daddy is in the business of hunting as much as surprise eggs i could find 🙂

Check out his prayer 🙂