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Quality Time with my Family

Carpe diem, so to speak.

Here’s my long-awaited annual leave. Praise God for this journey. I can argue along the way and rant every now and then. Nottwithstanding, I’m growing in His lovingkindness and my character is being crafted to reflect the beauty of His holiness – am far from that at my present state but I’m getting there 🙂

It’s time to enjoy each day with my loving wife and cute little boy. God, in His kindness, allowed me to once again experience the joy of being together with my beautiful wife that captures my heart in admiration over and over again. And to my son who got my eyes, i’ll enjoy playing with you each moment of everyday – making up in the year-long separation.

There are cloudy days, i’d seen better days. These days ahead must be fun!

Thanks for sharing with my happiness.