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Sensei’s Visit

Training/seminars are essential to equip us as a team in line with our corporate’s vision. We excel individually, no doubt about it. How much more if we advance in sync? Possibilites are limitless!

Two of our colleagues from Dubai and Abu Dhabi visited us to update our brains with corporate’s CRM tool. They’re very kind and hands-on with every trainee. I learned a lot and am more confident to utilize the system now – thanks to knowledge imparted by our coaches. Kudos!

Business development team in action!

Training proper: a time for me to pretend that i knew something by asking back whenever i’m being asked haha. 

Sensei: So Albert, can you show me [something..something]?

Me: which? wearing awkward smile in midst of phone convo
I’m that silly boy in the far left
Spot the difference 🙂 not much, just the powerpoint presentation. Let’s ‘brand’ our business!
Isn’t she gorgeous? That’s an understatement. She’s stunningly beautiful inside out.