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Reward for Grumbling

Lately, I posted about something good that’s going to happen, well here it is!

Talkin’ about motivation to work. 

I’m struggling with injustice in our office, and WP is my outlet to rant 🙂 I even decided to quit my job (drafted resignation letter twice, felt so good in doing so, and regretfully archiving these). 

And so I ask God to have His way. I asked for a sign. 

Instead, He made my extra hours of stay in the office count. It may be a simple gesture to compensate my hard works, but for me it is God’s hands reaching out.

To God be all the glory, forever.


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5 thoughts on “Reward for Grumbling

  1. Bro, congratulations! Keep up the good work and keep your trust in our Lord!

    I learned about the news where 7 Middle East countries cut their diplomatic ties with Qatar. How are things diyan? Do you feel the effect?

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    1. Salamat bro, much appreciated.

      Indeed,may conflict God’s grace safe pa naman..adversely affected yung travel kasi bawal pumunta sa UAE,saudi, pag galing ng qatar kaya re-routed lahat ng flight sa Oman at Iran. Shipment din na d delay ng 1day..aside naman dun wala namang ibang epekto..sufficient pa ang supplies. Thanks for your concern. We stay vigilant here..

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