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Why is it so tough to move forward?

Lately I’m pondering about this question. Then my mind sails afloat the sea of thoughts. I then find myself trolling around scenarios of “what if?” “why not?” exchange – like a tennis ball. 

Tradeoff is the main factor. If I move forward, I will leave point “A” and embrace point “B.” There’s no turning back, I have to burn the bridge! Lest I might turn to a pillar of salt (inaalat tayo *wink*). I will leave all comforts and perks in point “A,” and start a new adventure. The mere thought thrills me. But sweet journey come with a price, I’m not sure I can afford.

By the way, it’s about leaving my job.

I spoke with my wife about it. She told me that if I’m not happy anymore I can always go home. She added: “God will not forsake us.” Well, that’s comforting 🙂

So I sought my Lord Jesus Christ.. and He led me in 1 Corinthians Chapter 13. Although it’s a popular chapter, it never occurred to me that I’ll meditate on this. Two insights strike me, I’m hoping these can contribute to you guys, especially if you’re in crossroads of decision-making. 

v. 8: Love Never Fails

Why I’m so hesitant to move? Because I’m afraid to fail. Do I still love my job? If so, I’ll never fail. If not, it’s time to move on. That’s the practical approach. 

Subjective/spiritual approach is this: if I put my faith in God, who is love, I shall never fail. 

So long as I have love, I can stand the test of time. (This is the point where I want to scream like Augustus in the movie Gladiator: “are you not entertained?!!”… and by the way I want to face my boss when delivering that – haha). 

v. 11. Think like a man

I’m not referring to a movie with that title, sorry 🙂 

I have to think maturely. Thinking outside the ‘box’ so to speak. This means putting aside personal feelings, and weigh the situation as logical and objective as possible. No grumbling, grudge or envy. Better to overthink about consequences rather than be surprised with unforeseen exigencies. No room for mistakes here, the price I’ll pay is high enough for me (paraphrased from Karen Carpenter’s i know i need to be in love #credit).

I’m still stuck. 

I want to reflect in v. 12. This is what I’m seeing now..blurry, uncertain. But in God’s perfect time, everything will fall in it’s proper place. This is just a cliffhanger, the end will justify the pain it took to get us there (from Relient K’s song “Let It All Out.”).

Verse I’m clinging onto: Romans 8:28 “…ALL things work TOGETHER for GOOD to them that LOVE God, to them who are called according to His purpose.”

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#0015 – Touch

Dear dad,

I’m getting curious of the face. Mom keeps smiling at me. Sometimes I thought I smiled back, If I had, I don’t know. I am fascinated with mom’s face. Such lovely smile; such tired, sleepless eyes; I love to touch it.. and slap in the process 🙂 (sorry, mom I can’t control my movement yet)

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#0014 – Crawling

Dear dad,

As you know, I learned how to make ‘dapa.’ As I just can’t get enough, I just learned new skill today. I can crawl!

As awkward as it looks like, I crawl by pushing myself head-on – literally. I push my head forward, followed by my hands and feet. Mom will show you a video one day. You’ll be surprise how fast my learning phase is. The world has so much to offer, I can’t afford to slow down *wink

…just before I roll.


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God in Action

Previously, I’m confessing frustrations with my  current job. Surely, it’s a sign of burning out. Nevertheless, my faith is unbreakable and I’m confident that my welfare is in God’s hands. I just need to do my part. Me and my loving and ever-supportive wife came into mutual agreement to execute two emotional responses and two monetary responses. And our efforts paid off. All glory to God.

Emotional Responses

  1. Pray – we spoken openly to God, specifically discuss our prayer requests.
  2. Wait patiently – my wife is my constant reminder to wait patiently. Sometimes we have to wait because that’s our only option. But having a patience is another level.

Monetary Responses

  1. Tithe – we sometimes neglect paying our tithes. Or at least delaying the payment. Delayed obedience is disobedience. It’s not easy to be faithful in tithing if we have good factors to consider. But we learned to prioritize God, and as a result, everything is being provided by God. Let’s initiate the leap of faith. 
  2. Seed – put a seed in your offering. Label it. Say ‘this is for the car!’ We are not encouraging you to be materialistic, it’s just the concept of being specific. Of course you have to be pure in motive, as God checks your heart, not your seed’s amount. It’s fun to experience God’s hands orchestrating your situation in your favor, particularly in granting your requests.

Just this morning, I had a closed-door meeting with my boss. I thought I will receive a scolding 🙂 Instead, I was given a token of appreciation for all my hard works, assuring me that they are aware of my extra efforts to get the job done. And I was granted payment for all the hours I will spend working beyond office hours. 

Well, this is just a beginning. I want this to be an encouragement to everyone (kaway kaway Jai hehe) that He’s not finished with you yet. May magandang plano ang Panginoon. 

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Peace of God

​Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:5-6

It’s our human nature to worry. We have anxious heart after all. How many times did our judgments been clouded with doubts and anxiety? Nevertheless, God’s peace is in store for us. We just have to trust in Him.

The above scriptures instruct us not to worry, but in everything by prayer and supplications (with thanksgiving)… then God’s peace shall keep (guard) your hearts and mind.

Verse 6

Let’s break down these two requirements namely:

  1. Prayer
  2. Supplications with thanksgiving


Praying is our way of communicating with God. It’s a popular cliche’ that says: “When you pray, don’t give God instructions. Just report for duty.” That’s cute, but in reality, it’s not easy. Trust me, it’s really not easy to just report for duty when you are upset and troubled. I found it easier to be just be “you” when talking to God. There’s no need to address “God of Abraham, Isaac and David.” Although exhortation/adoration is part of prayer’s structure (ACTS), sometimes it’s easier to delve into your heart’s issues. Pour these before God. Just bear in mind that you are talking to God, speak with respect.


  1. Adoration    –  Praising, worshipping God, for Who He is
  2. Confession    –  Asking God to cleanse us from sin
  3. Thanksgiving    –  Believing, acknowledging God’s grace
  4. Supplication    –  Our specific prayer requests

Supplications with thanksgiving

Apostle Paul highlights supplication and added “with thanksgiving” (with gratitude). I suspect that he wants brethren not to just request to God. He wants them to express gratitude upon requesting. That’s the quality God desires. We just don’t ask God. Because He is God, we ask with respect. Give honor to whom the honor is due.

Now that you’ve done your part, it’s God’s turn.

Verse 7
The Peace of God 

It is defined as ‘state of tranquility, rest.’ What a relief! People try to find peace only to fail because they’re seeking in a wrong direction! Seek God, and He will give you peace – a sweet promise. And that peace shall keep (guard) your heart and mind.

The scenario is, you entered into God’s sanctuary with anxious heart and then leave with a peace of heart and mind. You may now rest in peace 🙂

What a mighty God we serve!

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#0013 – Rollover

Dear dad, 

Remember this morning when you are chatting with mom? I almost able to roll over. Guess what, I just did!

Uhm, so you want to go home on my 1st birthday i’ve heard. I’m looking forward on seeing you in person, my virtual dad.

Way to go 🙂