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My boss felt sorry for me. He is saddened by the idea of me staying away wth my wife and son to work. He asked me how long I intend to continue this setup. I replied “two years,” doubtfully.

It’s never easy to be away from your family. One of my life’s regret is not finishing my studies. I should have been in a better position. Another is failing to set aside savings/investments while I was still single. I mean I can continue my studies, but there’s more important on my priority list rather than going back to school, or saving. It’s easy to say that everything is possible, but when you are confronted with real factors, then that’s another story. 

As of now, I am not happy pushing papers without an opportunity to climb to a corporate ladder. Sad to say, I’m working for each paycheck. There are times I hate to be in a position where I am. I even complain to God, which I should not. But impatience get into my nerve. I am a dedicated employee with no other thought but to serve the company I am employed as my way of showing gratitude for providing foods on my family’s table. I sometimes grew tired of the loop I’m in. I need a break.

This too, shall pass.

By Albert Soriano

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