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Midnight Thoughts

i can only wish

to be in your arms

not to part ways again

i can only wish..


what i can do for now

is close my eyes

and be lost in a pointless dream

to be awaken – one less day to wait

i’ll be home soon.


or i can stay awake,

flooded with thoughts

that consume my inner self with unspoken emotions,

fueled by longingness yet to be satisfied,

i can only think… surely, there’ll be better days.


i decided to closed my eyes,

darkness invites me in solitude,

a silent sanctuary

my safe haven,

far away from the world.


one day, God will allow me to be with you

and once more, create a memory worth looking back

when our hairs turn gray

when our wrinkled, brittled fingers hold together,

and be able to say that our love stood the test of time.

About Albert Soriano

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