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#0002 – I Want Palabok!

Dad, I want to eat palabok. I know you don’t know how to cook, and there’s no palabok in the marketplace. Can you go to Jollibee for me? I don’t want excuses, it’s just a simple request. 

Dad, where are you na ba? What? You came home empty handed? C’mon, oh, c’mon dad. You’re better than that! It’s not a seasonal fruit! Please don’t be mad at me, I sounds like demanding. Ironically, I don’t know emotions yet, I just want to eat palabok. Look at mom, she’s sad. 

Now this is palabok! Grandma cooked it for me? Oh, so sweet! Send my regards to grandma, and for you, let’s not talk for now. I’m busy eating palabok. By the way, thanks for all your efforts running wildly on the market, turning each carinderia upside down looking for palabok which you said out of season.. tsk..tsk..

I love you still dad, I truly am. Now, get lost.


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