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Dear dad

#0006 – Last Night

Dear dad,

I could’ve said: “how could you?”

When I heard the news that you’ll come back to Qatar, I want to ask for one request. Let me see you first before you go. I want to see my dad. 

You are crying. Mom is crying. Soundless scream, agonizing pain let loose in the middle of the night. Why we have to part ways? Why leave us? 

Then you said: “Anak hindi na kita muna makikita paglabas mo ha. Ikaw na muna bahala kay mommy. Malayo man ang daddy isipin mo mahal na mahal ko kayo.” 

[My son, I won’t be around on the time of your birth. Take care of mommy while I’m away. I may be far, but always think that I love you both].

I have to accept, my simple request wasn’t granted. Dad will not be around on my big day.

Then you kissed my mom’s belly.  It lasted about a minute, or two. That’s a bitter kiss, I can feel it. 

I will remember this night. 

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